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    Dear Birthmother, Thank you for your baby
  1. The Davis Family

    Selecting the right family for your baby

    Great information on the process that the birthparents go through in choosing the right family. I know for us, we agonized on turning in our profile, thinking that it wouldn't be good enough and didn't provide the right information. Luckily for us, we were matched even before our profile was completed. For those stilling trying to make a decision, put your trust in the Lord.
  2. Rhonda and Mickey -- Tonight at 8:30 Eastern Time sounds great! 301-312-8018

  3. We sent in our profile almost 3 weeks ago and they sill haven't gotten it up. We are waiting too. Talked with Brianna on friday and they said they were have computer problems. Hopefully it will be up by monday.

  4. Still waiting and excited to see your profile go up "in lights". We want to celebrate your hard work! I'll just keep checking in..... :)

  5. The Davis Family

    Baby Announcements 2010

    Congratulations on your new addition!!!!
  6. Hope y'all have a great Christmas...it looks like there are plenty of gifts to go around!

  7. Very nice picture. You changed it from yesterday's.

  8. Thanks. Your daughter is beautiful too. Hope the process is going well.

  9. Love the pictures. Your daughter is beautiful!