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  1. Thinking of you today, Mari! I hope the second injection can get you past that 90% goal.
  2. So glad you're finding answers that will help you feel better - I hope the injections help a lot! Happy belated anniversary as well!
  3. Congratulations to the newest family and welcome baby girl!!!
  4. Prayers for the White family and all who love them.
  5. Had to add - love the newest family picture! Sure is a beautiful family!!
  6. Congratulations to the entire family!
  7. Congratulations, Jak, Tamara, and all who love this precious baby boy! We are so happy for you!
  8. Congratulations, Jen, Haukur, and Drake! Welcome baby Grant! So excited for this new family of four! Prayers for all who love this new little man.
  9. Praying for this baby, his father and the entire family.
  10. Katie, I am so sorry for your loss. I also had a very special relationship with my grandma who we lost in 2007. I know how hard this time is for you. I know she will be watching out for you as your family grows.
  11. Praying that this special little guy and his parents find the perfect family for them!
  12. Matt & Katie - where in Maryland are you? We live in Virginia just outside DC. There's quite a few of us from the DC/MD/VA area. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to meet an Abrazo family in person.
  13. Looking forward to following your journey, Katie and Matt!
  14. Your story sounds somewhat familiar to me as well. We signed on with a local agency (the same one as Sara and Andrew in the DC area) in July 2009, were homestudy ready in October 2009, and settled in for what we figured would be around a 1-2 year wait. The wait times for this particular agency were getting longer and longer and their program was dealing with a lot of staff turnover as well. We started looking at what they called "out of area agencies" in the summer of 2010 at their recommendation. I did a ton of research and looked at each of the agencies on their list of those that Barker
  15. We fly home Tuesday so I will come back that night or Wednesday and answer. Camp Abrazo is just one of the things we love about Abrazo and truly shows what a loving family/community it has created.
  16. Welcome to this sweet baby boy and congratulations to all of his family!
  17. Praying for all those who loved her, especially her daughters and parents.
  18. Sending prayers for Lauranda and for you, Mari. What a wonderful reminder that we all need to take some time to really relax and take care of ourselves in our quest to take care of others.
  19. Congratulations to all who love sweet Charlotte!
  20. Awww, I got choked up, too, Leah!
  21. Mari - I'm so glad you were able to attend orientation! I'll admit I'm a little jealous of those who got to hear from you (and all the wonderful moms) and hear your story in person. I am so glad we got to meet in December and so glad you are here on the forum but how special to hear your story at orientation!
  22. Thanks for the recommendation, Jocelyn! We actually picked it up at a consignment store recently but haven't read it yet. So glad to know it's got your and Landon's vote!
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