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Status Updates posted by BDP21

  1. Tired but so very happy!

  2. Looks like Friday will be the day!

  3. Heading to Texas to celebrate Thanksgiving with my brother and maybe extending our stay to support our new friends

  4. Patiently waiting for our next call to hurry down to Texas

  5. How is it possible Joseph is 1!?!

  6. Can't believe my little baby will be 1 on Saturday!

    1. Steven&Melissa


      I can't either!! Ollie will be 2 years old in exactly 1 month and I'm having that same nostalgic feeling you are. Where does the time go?!

  7. So happy after an amazing weekend in Texas

  8. So glad we got to see so much family over the last few weeks! Can't wait 'til camp when we can see even more family!

  9. One week 'til finalization! Soooo excited to see all our family next week - birth, extended, Tikkie, and Abrazo alike!

  10. 8 months old and pulling up!

  11. How is Joseph 7 months?!?

  12. Can't believe our little Joseph is 6 months old already!

  13. Thanks for the congrats! I can't believe it's in the 80's there - I think we should be headed to Texas instead of having my brother come up here :)

  14. So happy to have the paperwork mailed in. Can't wait to see what's next!

  15. I love the new picture! Your daughter is beautiful :)

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