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  1. What a way to spend the holidays- Loving on your new bundle of joy. Congrats!
  2. Joy and congratulations. What a blessing!!
  3. Congrats Steven and Melissa!! Very happy for you. God does have a way, doesn't He!!
  4. Welcome!! You are at a great place and will have lots of support.
  5. spoke with a Birthmom last week. Trying to be patient. :)

    1. DPJ


      The "right" baby will find you both!

  6. spoke with a birthmom last week.

  7. It was so great to finally meet you both. I hope your drive home went well and we look forward to seeing you soon.

  8. Thanks so much for helping us have a great weekend. We loved spending time with the four of you!! You're a great family.

  9. are looking forward to Camp Abrazo!

  10. Hi, Jennifer! Happy to see your profile filled out. Can't wait to get to know you better as we go through this journey! :)

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