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  1. Seriously sweet photos in the gallery!!! I love that tender moment one.
  2. Huge hugs to both of these families. Merae - I know Jordan will cherish the photos and the stories you have to share with her now more than ever. I am so very sorry for the losses everyone is experiencing because these men are no longer here.
  3. Finalization just isn't going to be the same without Bob and his famous photo opp as he hands the papers to the child. Sure hope his family and friends are finding peace in their hearts and know what a special part he was in our journeys!
  4. So happy to hear about your wonderful weekend!!! And HUUUUUGE congratulations to Lauranda on her Associate's Degree! Great job to your girl! Super proud of her and I know you are beaming all-around!
  5. Congratulations to this sweet new family of 4!!
  6. Thoughts? [birth Mother] First Mother Forum: Positive Adoption Language Pasted below in case the link goes bad.
  7. They really are beautiful! We were blessed with an amazing birth grandmother when Amelia came into our family and I think often to the love you have for Sloane. She has been a huge added bonus to our lives, so I can only imagine the very special place she'll hold in Amelia's heart.
  8. I have chills looking at the family photo.... Carissa, your face shows the emotions you have been carrying around for the past few days, but in the very best of ways. Your new daughter is absolutely beautiful and I pray that you will be able to build a wonderful relationship with M over the years. Huge hugs to you!!!
  9. I absolutely can't wait to get outside and spruce up the flower beds and plant the vegetable garden! It is still too early here, but getting closer! Jealous! I found myself daydreaming about a day exactly like that when I walked outside and it felt SO WONDERFUL... finally! Feels like winter has overstayed its welcome this year!
  10. Congratulations, Justin and Helen! Little boys are amazing blessings and I know you're going to have so much fun. Many prayers for his first family as well during this difficult time! Can't wait to hopefully meet him at the reunion in August!
  11. Hope this means you're on the road to recovery now! So glad to hear!
  12. Congratulations, Ben and Lena! I know it's been a long, emotional journey but now you are among the many who look at their child knowing that God's timing was absolutely perfect! SO happy for you!!
  13. Frannie - I'm excited to follow your journey to child #2!!! Oh, I missed that somehow! Excited to hear this, Frannie!!
  14. Welcome, sweet babies, and congratulations to Dana and Tisha. We hope you'll always be members of the Abrazo community and look forward to watching your sweet little miracles grow! Enjoy these sleepless nights!!
  15. And keep your phone turned on in the meantime! Juuuuust in case!
  16. I believe it's late February and then late April!
  17. Here's another thread - Employer Adoption Benefits I work for a global hotel company and they don't offer the same benefits for adopting mothers/fathers as they do parents who give birth. I met once with the SVP who determines our company's benefits and he explained to me why we're treated differently. It all comes down to dollars and cents, unfortunately. The cost to the company for offering exact benefits to adopting couples outweighs the benefits to the company because so few couples adopt compared to couples who give birth. Fair or not, "it is what it is." Fortunately, we are allowe
  18. Congrats, Teri and Stephen!! Ryder is beautiful!
  19. I can't wait to see how these families come together. We are all on the edge of our seats!!
  20. I've got some sneaking suspicions.... can't wait to see if my gut reaction was right.
  21. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family, Mari! Lots of love and gratitude from all of us.
  22. Sooo happy to see this announcement!! Lots of prayers that this new family will bond in time and all embrace the openness this little girl deserves!
  23. Happy Birthday, Mari!!! Hope your day was even half as wonderful as you are!
  24. CONGRATULATIONS to this new family! We hope you will find strength through the Abrazo family. We've all had you in our prayers!
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