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  1. Jocelyn

    Try Skype!

    I agree that Skype is great for grandparents too. Scott's parents winter in Mesa, AZ each year and they enjoyed seeing Landon in action. Plus is it a nice way for the kids to see them so they stay familiar to them.
  2. Jocelyn

    Try Skype!

    We Skype at least once a month with Landons birthfamily and it's great! He is almost 18 months and recognizes them now when we get online. I think it's a great tool to keep in touch.
  3. This brought tears to my eyes too! Congrats Charu and Darshan and welcome Baby Krish! Angel is definately the best middle name!!
  4. Congratulations Dawn & Ben! What a great story and wecome Baby Joseph!
  5. Congratulations Patty and Todd! And welcome to the world Baby Alejandro!
  6. What a touching announcement! Welcome to the world Baby Thomas and congrats to the newest Abrazo family!
  7. Congrats Mike and Jenni, so happy for you. Welcome Baby Colin!
  8. Congrats to all, and welcome Baby Joseph!
  9. Congrats Lindsey & Ryan. And welcome Baby Jack!
  10. Congrats on the addition of Skylar to your family Nicole, Raj, & Rocco!
  11. Monica, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on how you felt through the matching process. I think it's important for expectant parents and adoptive parents to hear. It really is about a connection and sometimes that connection happens right away with a feeling and sometimes the connection grows, and this is why the phone calls and meetings in person (if possible) are great. Before Landon came into our lives my husband and I weren't so sure about open adoption. To us it was hard to understand what that would mean and we were probably scared of the unknown too. But now that Landon
  12. Congratulations! Welcome to the world Baby Alexis!!
  13. Congrats to the newest Abrazo family! Love the pic too!
  14. Congrats and welcome Baby Brayden!!
  15. Well said Hannah and thanks for bringing a smile to my face today too!!
  16. I agree that it is taxpayer money but the way I see it, it's also taxpayer money that funds medicaid, welfare, and other govt programs that some of these children may have needed if they weren't placed for adoption (maybe just saving some spent $ in the future or coming out even in the long run anyway). To me, it's worth the tax credit to help ease the financial burden on families who would like to adopt to not only fulfill dreams of having children but to help some of these children get out of the economic cycle that their parents may be involved in. And we all know that there are programs
  17. Thinking of you Victor & Yuli as you join a newly expanded family!!
  18. Congratulations and welcome Baby Samuel!!
  19. Congratulations Kristin, Rich, and Alex on the new addition to your family. What a great story on how it came to be!
  20. Congrats Dale & Jennifer, so glad to hear that Baby Amelia has joined your family!!
  21. Congrats Tonia & Jermaine and welcome to the world Baby Jakob! Very happy for you all!
  22. I can't seem to comment below the images in the gallery but wanted to say congrats! Nice picture with Caroline!

  23. Congratulations and a very beautiful name....Graceanne!
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