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  1. Welcome Baby Grayson! So happy for you Ryan & Becky!!! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  2. So happy for you John & Airi and glad that this little girl found her way to you! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  3. My understanding of the homework is that it should be done throughout your journey up until placement of your child. This way you are learning and talking about adoption topics throughout your "pregnancy", so the homework is not necessarily something that should be done all at once or prior to orientation.
  4. I believe there was a medical form that we got in the packet they give you at the end of orientation and it had some different tests on there than what our home study agency had us do, so you may want to call and ask Brianna about the requirements. Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  5. A very sensitive topic. I don't agree, though, with adding a law that would require a match on religion in order to foster or adopt a child. Whatever happened to separation of church and state? (a very grayed line these days for sure!) I do agree that foster and adoptive parents should be aware of the child's background including culture and religion and make sure that the child gets the opportunity to follow/learn about those traditions/practices/religion. Unfortunately, where you live could restrict you on actually attending certain events if they just aren't available. In the small tow
  6. Congrats on being accepted to orientation, it's such a great weekend that you will enjoy! A lot of people blog under the Joyous Journeys and Birthparent Blogs sections, so check those out too (if you haven't already). I know it took me a little bit to navigate the forum and get used to it, so another thing you can use is clicking the View New Content in the upper right hand corner and that will help point out the topics where there is more recent postings. There is so much info out here I know I haven't even explored a lot of the other topics, but I like keeping up with the day to day posts
  7. I agree with the writer of this article that I don't think the celebrities adopting black children are doing it to be trendy. I do think it has a lot to do with where you live, what experiences you have with people outside of your race, etc. Maybe because people idolize celebrities so much it will open their eyes to a need that is out there (referring to the trend where more black children are waiting than other races)?
  8. Welcome tropicalsmootie, I bet there is a story behind your forum name! We're also looking forward to getting to know you.
  9. I like Katherine Heigl but after reading this story I'm not sure about that anymore. I understand that celebs have other forces around them (mainly the photographers looking for any way to make a buck) but still, you should be so happy to have another child that you would want to be with them. I would NEVER be able to fly on the same plane as my child and have them sit in a completely different row with someone else (except if the child was with my husband and we didn't have a choice). Good luck even getting that baby out of my hands a lot during the flight. I'm always happy to hear about
  10. Wow, they say things come in 3s and I think that was true this week! Congrats Shawn & Jennifer and welcome to the world Baby Harrison!!
  11. Congratulations on the newly formed family. Joshua will be greatly loved by all!
  12. Congratulations Josh, Kara, and Julia on the addition of these two little boys to your family. We are so happy and excited for you as you start this new adventure!
  13. Thinking of you and Jim and all your family as you say goodbye to Lib.
  14. Jocelyn

    Try Skype!

    I just have to "plug" Skype again especially after our experience last weekend. We Skype about one a month with Landon's birthmom Kayla and her mom Kim. But it's way less often with his birthfather's mom Gina, at maybe 3 times since he was born. Last weekend when we were in SA for orientation we spent Friday with Gina and Landon clung to us and didn't warm up to Gina right away. This is how he has been around new people the last few months. However, later that day we went to Kayla and Kim's house, and he was completely different and let them pick him up right away and even gave them hugs.
  15. Wonderful news, congrats to the newest family!
  16. What an amazing story, Tina. It helps demonstrate how important it is for those of us who are adoptive parents to keep up with our promises and maintain an open adoption if that's what all parties agreed to. I never like to hear that adoptive parents go back on their promises of sending updates/photos. Yes, at times you may not want to put in the effort or wish that things were different and that you didn't have that responsibility. But I think you have to realize that adoption is not just about you, it's about the children and what is best for them. "Protecting" a child from a relationsh
  17. Scott and I were just talking about how we thought single mothers would possibly relate more to girls so they'd maybe be prone to parent if they have a girl even after creating an adoption plan. That is probably a bad assumption to make and I know that there would be other factors involved as well, but something we speculated about. But I didn't realize more adoptive couples sought out girls. The article talks about maybe the need to have a caregiver in the family for later in life. In my extended family we seem to talk about another factor, in if there is anyone to carry on the family nam
  18. Melissa, the agency she went with encouraged open adoption but it seemed that maybe she wasn't as ready for that yet as the adoptive parents were. I'm glad that the note from the adoptive parents let her know that they are there for her whenever she wants to come around. So I think there's hope that it will be open but things can change (which I think we all know how that goes, as you go through the ever evolving relationship with your child's family). I didn't read the additional comments below but after what you read I'm glad that I didn't. I know I'm guilty of judging people and making
  19. This was an interesting story. I'm glad she shared her feelings and thought process in choosing adoption. Articles like this help breakdown some stereotypes about who birthmothers are and show everyone that each situation is unique. And I'm angry at her now ex-husband for treating her that way. I don't understand why people can hurt the ones they supposedly love like that.
  20. Congrats James & Christy and welcome to your special baby girl who already has such a great extended family who loves her!
  21. Congrats Sara & Andrew and welcome Baby Gavin!
  22. What a tragedy this is. Sounds like Abby's biological mother was not around either so you wonder what this little girl had been through in her short life. I know depression can really weigh on you and cause you to think irrationally but its just sad that the grandmother went as far as thinking no one could take care of Abby so she had to take her life too.
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