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  1. Mari, I am also jealous that they got to meet you in person. What a great experience for you and the orientation group! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  2. Congrats to the newest family! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  3. Monica, What was the name of the one in English & Spanish. I think we'd like to get that one too. Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  4. Just wanted to let everyone know that we found a children's book that I really liked for this. It's called I'm a Big Brother by Joanna Cole (I found it on Amazon). I'm pretty sure she has one called I'm a Big Sister too. Landon really responded to this book and I especially love the last two pages which say: Mommy loves me. Daddy loves me. I am special to them. I'm the only me in the whole world! I'm special in a new way, too -- I'm a big brother now! I would recommend for anyone with a child that's soon to become a big brother/sister (or who just became one recently as we still r
  5. Congrats Scott & Deb!! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  6. Sending prayers for Kay's family... Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  7. Welcome Baby Joshua! Congrats to the newly formed family. Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  8. I agree! Well said Ellen! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  9. Mari, hoping today is better and glad you can vent on here to help. Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  10. That is great news, so glad the appts and follow ups went well! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  11. Will be thinking of you and hoping for good news too! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  12. Oh wow, gave me goosebumps! Congrats to the newest formed family!! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  13. Waiting the second time is hard. When we matched with Kayla she was the first and only birthmom we talked with. So this time after we talked to a couple people and didn't match it took the wind out of our sails a bit. But we knew this journey would be completely different than the first. It's just harder I think when you have gone through the process and know more about everything. I also found some aspects of the waiting easier because we have Landon and he keeps us busy. But then i always wondered when that would change. Then I'd start second guessing our decision to start the 2nd
  14. Congratulations to the expanding family and welcome Baby Jayden!
  15. I meant to say that we would be ok with their families seeing him because he is a part of their family too. I worry for us and maybe I shouldn't and that is selfish cause N and M are the ones that are facing this every day. Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s Thanks Melissa, glad you could post right away cause it does calm my nerves a bit. Too many emotions all around, this is tough. Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  16. I have to say that I'm nervous about this. M and N have not told their families about the adoption and N's dad is insisting that he be able to see Micah. N and M told his parents that they cannot (their choice, we did not have anything to do with that decision) and would be ok with their families seeing him. I'm worried that I will have to face some confrontations here and don't want to. Maybe I'm letting my imagination run from me because I'm by myself the next few days. Anyone experience anything similar that can offer advice? Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  17. Scott - this was posted a little earlier in the thread: Your accountant will be able to clarify this, but because some of your expenses were incurred in 2010, you can actually apply for your tax credit now (that is,if things haven't changed since we did this -- we were advised that we should go ahead and apply and not wait until the following year). Our situation was similar to yours - we went to orientation in 2008, took placement of Hugo in 2009, and finalized in 2010. But all of our expenses from 2008 (agency fees, orientation, travel expenses, escrow expenses, etc) added up to just
  18. Prayers for the Flowers family...
  19. Just have to say that we've been using our Scentsy warmer every day and I love it. Thanks Tara!
  20. Well said as always Mari. Thank you and hoping for a great 2013 to you and your family as well!
  21. Congratulations Rob & Kristy and welcome to the world Baby Cecilia! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
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