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  1. I feel your pain. I bought a new winter coat this year and last. I finally like the one I found this year but it's a little snug in certain areas...ugh. At least your colder weather is not 3 degrees (which is the temp in MN right now). Since there isn't an "it's colder than blankety blank blank" smiley face, I will use with one. haha! Nice to see you posting again Mari!
  2. That is amazing. Congrats Jim & Beth on your expanding family!!
  3. Carissa, we didn't exactly have a BOG when Micah came along but I would say it was similar in many ways. We talked to M the first time on a Monday, she was in the hospital on bed rest because her water broke early around 27 weeks. By Thursday she was telling us she wanted to match, we did paperwork on Friday, and ended up deciding to fly to Houston on Saturday...all while having our 2.5 year old Landon to worry about too. In our case my parents live in the same town and my mom was able to drop what she needed to keep Landon starting that Saturday. We flew on Saturday, met M & N on Sund
  4. Congratulations to the new family!
  5. What an awesome announcement. Welcome to the world Baby Avery!
  6. Congrats to the newly expanded family and welcome to the world Baby Amelia!
  7. Very sad, sending prayers for Jose's family...
  8. Mari, happy 80th to your mom! That is very sweet about your granddaughter. You and Lala and always in her heart, I'm sure, but it's nice to hear that she thinks of you and asks about you all as well!
  9. Sending prayers for the White family... Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  10. Congrats to the newly formed family!
  11. Mari, I'm not sure when you changed your profile pic but just wanted to say that I love it!
  12. Congrats to the newly formed family and welcome to the world Baby Nehemiah! Tiny baby boys are very special! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  13. Mari, hang in there as they seek a diagnosis for you. It is so tough when the answer they thought doesn't pan out and they start having to do other tests to rule things out. You are strong and can lean on your daughter and family and your Abrazo family for support!
  14. Congratulations to the newly expanded family! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  15. Mari, sending you lots of prayers and thoughts as you get through these tests. No matter what is discovered please lean on us to listen and help you through.
  16. Very exciting and hope that it works out for you to attend the July orientation!
  17. Hi Matt & Katie - way to get the ball rolling with this! We have two boys adopted through Abrazo. We attended orientation in Feb 2010 and took placement of our first child in July 2010. For our second we attended orientation in April 2012 and took placement in January 2013, we had one failed placement this time around. The journey to our two kids was very different from each other as no two are alike. But Abrazo was there to help us along the way and taught us how important open adoption is. We are in regular contact with both of our kids' birthfamilies and love it. It feels complete
  18. Congrats to the newly expanded family! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  19. Gave me chills reading this. A good lesson for all of us to take a moment and center ourselves for us, not for anyone else. Prayers for you and your daughter... Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
  20. Congratulations to the wonderful family forever joined today for this sweet little girl! Jocelyn 1st-N-10 and BGE&s
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