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  1. Yesterday we were at a gathering with some of Philip's extended family and I was very surprised when Philip's cousin said "Mitchell looks so much like you, it is hard to tell that he is not your real son." I quickly stated that he IS my REAL son. After 5 years why is this so hard for some people. I know that it is harder to tell that Mitchell is not biologically related to us than in other blended families. I don't think Mitchell heard or it nor would he understand it yet but someday he will and it might bother him.

    It made me think of Pinocchio.... look its a "real boy".

    Anyway, it did bug me especially from someone who should know better and in front of other people we didn't really know.

    Maybe the approach next time is to say "How do you think Mitchell would feel if he thought you said he wasn't real?" Maybe a different way of saying something will get people to realize their choice of words and be more careful in the future.

    I have this same issue with my dad, he's more than once asked if we've talked to Landon or Micah's real mom. Oh, I guess I'm "make-believe" now too. :wacko: I'm still working on ways to get him to use better language. Sometimes I correct and sometimes I don't, it's tough. I think, though, as Landon gets older and definitely hears everything that I'll be more apt to correct and point out that those words could make him feel bad and like he doesn't fit when I know our family is striving for the opposite.

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