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  1. Happy Birthday Melanie! It looks like Emma is such a doll. Love those recent pictures from Colorado.

  2. Thank you ALL for the prayers and support. Max's open heart surgery couldn't have gone any better! We are 7 weeks post surgery, and he is doing so well. He acts like nothing ever happened!

  3. We will be keeping Max and his whole family in our prayers as he prepares for his upcoming surgery. May the Lord give you peace and strength beyond all understanding!

  4. Keeping Max in my prayers that his surgery will go smoothly and he heals quickly. Max is a strong fighter and will do well. God Bless you all.

  5. You all will be in our thoughts and prayers. We are all here for you and Max.

  6. Praying for this upcoming surgery that all will be well! You must be on pins and needles.

  7. Praying for Max as he undergoes surgery soon. God takes care of angels, and he certainly will watch over baby Max, his surgeons, and family.

  8. OK - I think I FINALLY figured out how to introduce myself! (I'm usually much more computer savvy). We're "baby Noah's" new family, Kristin, Steve & big sister, Piper. We are calling him Max (leaving his middle name 'Noah'). We are honored to be his forever family. He is the sweetest little guy. We instantly fell in love with him. We're from Utah, but are still in Texas waiting to clear ICPC. The Abrazo family has been so wonderful! I'm looking forward to getting to know more of you and sharing more of our miracle. Kristin
  9. We too think "Noah" is special and perfect. We are honored to be his new parents and hope you know how much we admire and respect you and Fred.

  10. Welcome! We are so excited that Abrazo found you and you have such a beautifl boy!


  11. Welcome! Can't wait to get to know you better! Jump right in, you're among friends here!

  12. Welcome to the forum, make yourself at home here!

  13. Welcome to the forum. It is full of love, support and a lot of information.

  14. Welcome! Make yourselves at home; you're among family here, and Abrazo's family is one of the BEST!

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