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  1. I think I was so caught off guard and I really don't know her very well. I think asking about how what they say might effect Mitchell is a good way of putting it into perspective. Maybe makes me sound a little less female dogy. I don't always correct either but I really felt the need this time.
  2. Yesterday we were at a gathering with some of Philip's extended family and I was very surprised when Philip's cousin said "Mitchell looks so much like you, it is hard to tell that he is not your real son." I quickly stated that he IS my REAL son. After 5 years why is this so hard for some people. I know that it is harder to tell that Mitchell is not biologically related to us than in other blended families. I don't think Mitchell heard or it nor would he understand it yet but someday he will and it might bother him. It made me think of Pinocchio.... look its a "real boy". Anyway, it did
  3. I try to remind myself of that everyday even when facing other struggles. I am so thankful and blessed!
  4. Congrats to the newest family of 3. Prayers to you and all involved.
  5. Mari, Your are always so full of wise and kind words. Thankful to have you on the forum.
  6. Congrats! Sounds like a wonderful start to a beautiful family!
  7. Prayers for his family. He was a very nice person. I remember meeting him at our orientation. I know he was a part of the Abrazo family for many years and will be missed. Thinking of you all too.
  8. Welcome to the world baby Dylan. May you continue to grow stronger everyday.
  9. I saw a preview for a movie last night where a older woman is searching for a child she had placed as a young woman. She didn't know where he was or what he looked like or if he was happy....nothing. That to me would be agonizing. I thought about our relationship with Andrea and how she will never have to ask those questions. She is coming to Mitchell's 4th birthday party and going to stay in our home. She is family and Mitchell loves her. It makes me incredible happy that we chose open adoption.
  10. We completed our initial application and signed up for the forum the end of April 2009. We went to orientation in June and then matched soon after that. Mitchell was born the end of November so our total process took about 8 months. We are going to the July orientation and are looking forward to this next step. What I like most about Abrazo is in their belief in openness and the support that is given to the birth families both before placement and after. They made us believers and now I wouldn't want it to be any other way. We had no failed matches so I think we were lucky there.
  11. Disappointed that the next orientation is for Newbies only. Just mailed our application off today. I think I had been procrastinating this time because of new fears and going through this again. But when I saw Monica's Facebook earlier this week my excitement was overwhelming and I rushed to finish to get our packet in. Then to read that it won't be for months that we can even get a chance at orientation was disheartening. I spent the weeked with Mitchell's first family and let them know in person that we were seeking to adopt again. They seem excited for us. I remember what it was lik
  12. Love what you posted today Elizabeth. We are completing our application for number 2 and the issues you brought up are issues that I have been thinking about. I will definitely think about them as we move through this process again.
  13. I passed this on to a couple in SA. We are ready for the next orientation. Printed the application today.
  14. We are finally Ready! A bit nervous though.
  15. We are so ready. We just need God's hand to show us the way.
  16. Oh how we all wish the financial aspect of adoption was not the hurdle holding up prospective adoptive parents. Seeing the need for more AP I so wish we were ready and able but the timing is not right but hopefully it will be some day. I did speak to someone we have known for a long time that could be considering an adoption plan. He was very interested in our experiences with Abrazo.
  17. So exciting Allie! Start thinking about your wording and pictures for your profile. That took us the longest. Have your parents and friends help too. My mom worked with me on mine. That really helped me with trying to sum ourselves up in 6 pages. Also, I found it very hard to write about myself so she helped with that too. My advice is to be yourselves.
  18. Great idea Melissa. It is great to see such an outpouring of support.
  19. LeslieR


    Hi Allison and Ross. I am so excited to see you on here. I hope you got my message via Facebook regarding our adoption experiences with Abrazo. Call me anytime for more information. To let everyone know...I went to high school with Allison and was so excited to find out she was interested in adopting through Abrazo. Welcome to the family!
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