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  1. Well, my husband and I did not actually work with the Abrazo ladies (we were in the process of gathering the necessary documents for our formal application when we had a surprise match and birth closer to home) but I do want to share my appreciation of this forum and the time and energy that Abrazo obviously devotes to it. I am primarily a ' lurker' as Elizabeth would say, but I have found so many of the topics and past posts very educational and thought-provoking. The forum helped me through failed matches, helped me better understand the complexities of open adoption, and is helping me trave
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new here. My husband and I are very excited to work with Abrazo and have sent in our pre-application in hopes of being invited to an orientation soon (we are childless and have very open racial preferences). Is there any word as to what weekend the April orientation might be? Thanks!
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