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  1. All the best, Corinne' class="bbc_url">@Kevin and Leah -- CONGRATULATIONS! So excited for you. Cherish these first few days with the little angel that has come into your lives and into his forever family. May you have plenty of time bond with his birth family. All the best, Corinne
  2. Our hearts go out to you, Nic and Raj and your extended birth family. May you enjoy these first few precious moments together. Warmly, Corinne, Jesus, Lucas and Benjamin
  3. @Congratulations on the latest addition to the extended Abrazo family. Enjoy these first few precious moments together!
  4. @Congratulations to the proud first time parents of this newly arrived baby girl, and sending prayers to all involved!
  5. DPJ

    Happy Birthday Day, Corinne...Ben is so cute! Can't wait to see your journey to #2!!!!

  6. Elizabeth -- what a pity that you would consider dropping orientation! I really hope it does not come to that, as orientation was one of the highlights of our experience with Abrazo. As I mentioned to Angela, Jesus and I spoke at Barker, our home agency, this week to a group of waiting parents, and we told them all about Abrazo and passed along the information you posted recently. Though these are obviously not families based in Texas, most adopting parents here are open to children of all racial backrgounds, so I'm hoping you will receive some letters of inquiry from our neck of the woods...
  7. Congrtulations on the birth of baby boy Drake!
  8. Congratulations to the newest Abrazo-made family!
  9. Congratulations to the new family and first family and all who helped to make this possible!
  10. I don't follow celebrity news much at all (not because I don't want to but just can't seem to find the time... ugh), but I had heard of celeb international adoptions. I had no idea many celebs also adopted domestically (my ignorance). However, in dc, the question I always get is: what country did you adopt from? Maybe that's just dc specific. Many people here work in the int'l humanitarian arena, and int'l adoption is for them the logical thing to do. But it does take me aback each time people make the assumption that Benjamin was adopted from Ethiopia. That's not meant to be a judgment on peo
  11. I agree that outside of the issue of the failed marriage, this case attracts well-deserved attention to domestic adoption, and especially biracial adoption. I find that here in dc, where the norm is to adopt internationally, people are not so much let down when I say we adopted domestically, but kind of surprised, as if it never occurred to them that you could adopt here, especially a biracial adoption. In response, I usually explain that there are many children in need of a family right here in the US. People listen to this with a lot of interest because I really think they have no idea that
  12. Congratulations and best wishes to Luke's family!
  13. Thanks, all. Baby is doing well and feeding well as wants to be held, held and held some more... And we're obliging! Thanks for all of your wishes!
  14. Rebecca, I am so happy for you! WHen I read about your experiences I immediately thought of my cousin, who adopted two kids internationally and last year was diagnosed with melanoma. She opted not to have chemo after her surgery and is now cancer free! Everyday definitely counts. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Corinne
  15. Corinne and Jesus are on a nesting mood

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