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  1. After looking thru some baby books and meanings, Lathan was one of the names that stuck out, we had never heard it(but I'm sure there are millions named this., lol) and the meaning of Lathan is "gift from god". And this is exactly what Lathan is. And definitely it was in "god's timing" not ours. Blessings and prayers to all the PIW, Tracey I have always been fascinated to know how people got their names...Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hugo and Lathan...like the names! How did you guys come up with them?
  3. Congrats Tara and Eric...We have followed your journey the past few minths and this is such great news!!
  4. Congratulations to the new family!!! She is gorgeous!!!
  5. Congrats everyone!! Hopefully we will see more Piggie families on this site!!
  6. OOPS....I forgot to add how important it is to exercise (even if it is a short walk)....even through all of the pain. It gets your circulation going and can also possibly possibly help with your pain.
  7. I had those too....could it posibly be from dehydration? Try heat packs - they seemed to work for me.
  8. Rebecca - Keep your spirits high....you and Bryan will have your own family in due time.....We will say prayers for you!!
  9. Rebecca - Congrats on finishing!! Another hurdle down! I am cheering for you!!! Like you, my husband and I have also had a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Although I was not diagnosed with cancer, my diagnosis caused the doctoris to tell my husband to start making plans because they didn't think that I "was going to make it". Since then, we too have had the joy (said in sarcasm) of going through the wonderful chemo treatments, then being told that we could not have a kid, then that it was okay to try, back to we shouldn't have kids, then to yes we can, but with the stipulation that, whe
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