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  1. Jill P.

    Baby Announcements 2012

    Oooh, I've been waiting to hear this!!! ))) Congrats and blessings to ALL!!!
  2. Jill P.

    Spiritual Enrichment

    Psalm 32 and 51 are awesome when it comes to talking about forgiveness. Mostly receiving forgiveness from God. Also, Psalm 30, 31, 34, and 130 are great for encouragement in the midst of trials. The book of Colossians also might be a good one for her to read from what you're describing. I think it hits most of those topics! VERY cool conversation.
  3. Jill P.

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Big Time CONGRATS, and THANK YOU for serving our country!!!! :)
  4. Jill P.

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Holy Cow! Love the action here! Welcome, Baby Christo!
  5. Jill P.

    Baby Announcements 2011

  6. Jill P.

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Caught up on this story a little bit...whew...what a journey! CONGRATS to the newest family of 3!
  7. Jill P.

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Beautiful! Congrats!!
  8. Jill P.

    Baby Announcements 2011

    What a sweet name! Congrats! How fun!!!
  9. Welcome back...Jill

  10. Jill P.

    Nursery Notes

    Hmmm...we've been thinking about #2 a lot lately. We're outside of SA, homestudied, and could get our profile out ASAP, would be up for future visits to TX because 1) we LOVE TX and 2) we just went to Corpus in May to visit Jaida's birthparents!, but not childless (thanks to Abrazo in Sept. 2009!) Hmm...bummer.

  12. Jill P.

    Positive Adoption Language

    Good grief...I meant B with an M. I think the forum changed it for me. THanks forum!!! I'm losing it. Sorry!
  13. Jill P.

    Positive Adoption Language

    Opps...apparently I wasn't supposed to use the letters BP for birthmom. Sorry about that. I can't find the edit option, so I'll just put it out there. Really hadn't thought of that one before. Its a little ironic that a mistake like that would happen on this thread. Oh, keeps me humble.
  14. Jill P.

    Positive Adoption Language

    Wow, that really is unbelievable. I hope she treats the BMs better than she talks about them. Oh, I hope. Had one of my first "adoption moments" the other day. We were at dinner with some friends and the wife asked, "So why didn't the mom want her?" I about flew across the table and smacked her. Good thing I didn't. I assured her that of course the BP's wanted her more than anything, but just made a very courageous and selfless decision give her the life they thought she should have. Whew. 1 down! I was amazed at the fire that started in my heart when she said that, though. It was harmless on her part...she just didn't know what words to use. Hopefully now she does.
  15. Jill P.

    Baby Announcements 2009

    Adding our CONGRATS to Denver and Tracey, and Eric and Tara! SO, SO, SO happy for you guys!