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    I love being a Mom, cross- stiching, reading, going to the beach, boating, skiing, hanging out with good friends, eating good food and listening to James Taylor.
  1. We wish the families of these precious June baby boy's a lifetime of good health and much happpiness. Congratulations to all!
  2. Welcome baby Joshua Thomas! Congratulations Laurel, Casey and big brother Zach! May God watch over and bless everyone in Joshua's newly blended family! A blelated big Welcome and Congratulations to all our new Abrazo Babies and their wonderful families!
  3. Cogratulations to all the new families. May the joy and love you feel today only continue to grow with time. Blessings, Kathy
  4. Welcome beautiful baby Tyler! Many blessing to you and all your family!
  5. Welcome precious baby Brennan! Congratulations to the Cornish family and Meg! May life's blessing be abundant for you all.
  6. What a beautiful family! Congratulations Joe and Kim. Wishing you and your birthfamily many happy days ahead.
  7. Dreams do come true! Congratulations to all families who were blessed today. May this just be the beginning of your "happily ever after". Prayers being said for your special Birth families.
  8. Marcelo, Claudia, Dante, Serenity Nicole and beautiful Birthmom, What a beutiful family you have grown with God's blessings. May this new journey bloom into a lifetime of friendship and love! Congrautlations to you all!!
  9. Heather, I found this under another topic heading and thought it might be useful. It appears to be right in line with what Adam said.
  10. Girls, Girls, Girls! Congratulations to the families who are forever joined by them!
  11. The new picture of your girls is beautiful. They have the best smiles. Glad to have your insite around the forum

  12. Char and Scott, What an awesome answer to prayer. Congratulations! What a beautiful example of faith, love and courage from both families. May you all continue to recieve God's blessings!
  13. Welome beautiful baby Jack! May God bless you, your parents, and birthparents always!
  14. Congratulations and welcome baby Logan! What a beautiful baby you are. All our best to both families for a bright future together.
  15. So well said. I couldn't agree more. I know intially when we started our infertility treatment I would have never guessed we would've toughed it out for 9 long years. We'd attend Resolve meetings and listened to couples sharing their stories. Amazed at what others had gone through all the while thinking to ourselves we'll never go that far or that long. Of course we also knew we'd get pregnant. Wrong. Boy, have we grown over the years. I can say that when we stopped we did it without one regret. We knew without a shadow of a doubt we were done. The blessings that have been bestowed o
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