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  1. So happy to see this amazing news - congratulations, Becky & Steven! Praying for all members of this sweet family!
  2. Welcome, sweet baby boy! Congratulations, Tamara & Jak!
  3. Congratulations, Jen, Haukur, and big brother Drake, and welcome, sweet baby boy! Thinking of all who love this little guy in the days ahead.
  4. Welcome, sweet Gus, and congratulations to all who love and adore you!
  5. Very sad, Alethea sounds like a wonderful woman. Prayers for all of her family and all who love her.
  6. Welcome, sweet Charlotte, and congrats to her parents, who all love her so much!
  7. Congratulations and welcome, baby girl! Praying for all of this precious baby's family.
  8. Congratulations, Deb & Scott, and welcome, sweet baby Alex!
  9. Praying for all of Kay's loved ones during this very sorrowful time.
  10. Welcome, sweet Joshua! Congratulations, Judy, Chris and big sis, Mikayla! Yay! Keeping all who love this precious baby close in thought and prayer tonight and in the days ahead.
  11. This is very sad news - Arya sounds like a wonderful boy who lived a joyful life. How heartbreaking for his birthfather to find out as he did, and after so many years of no contact with his son or his son's family. Keeping these families in my thoughts and prayers.
  12. Definitely looks like a wonderful weekend with sweet Sloan and all of your family!
  13. Welcome, little Madelyn - you are so loved and cherished! Congratulations, Monica, Gary and Garrett! Praying for all of Madelyn's loved ones.
  14. Welcome, sweet Jayden, and congratulations to all of your loving family!
  15. Welcome, sweet Micah! Keeping you close in prayer as you grow and gain strength, as well as all those who love you so dearly. Congratulations, Jocelyn, Scott and Landon!
  16. Such wonderful news on this fine January day! Welcome, little Jordyn and big congratulations, Adria & Mark! Praying for all who love this sweet miracle!
  17. Welcome, sweet Cecilia, praying for all who love you so dearly! Congratulations, Kristy & Rob!
  18. Congratulations, Grace & Nathan and welcome, welcome, sweet Ariel!
  19. Welcome, sweet Lucas and congratulations, Frannie & Mark!
  20. Welcome, little Xavier! Congratulations, Gaby & Andrius, enjoy these very sweet days!
  21. Welcome, Irie! Big congratulations, Kim and Gip!
  22. I just love your family, Mari, and the fact that you all spend these very special celebrations together - such great photos & memories & lots of love! Happy belated birthday!
  23. Welcome, sweet Riley, and congratulations to your beautiful family!
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