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  1. I'm still in the mist of gowing through the full adoption process. To me I would think that the more open the better on all three parts (Mine, the childs, and the adoptive parents). Since I first talked to the adoptive couple, I wouldn't see it anyway other than completely open. including visits and the how are you talks on the internet and on the phone.
  2. I do have a question, I heard that Abrazo dose houseing. Dose anyone know how well it is, or anyone ever done the houseing? I was just wondering because I can't sit here and let my baby sister, she's 4 years-old, see that I'm pregnet and have to explain to here why I'm not going to have to kid. She's very observant and she's already lost her real dad and I don't think she will be able to understand this since she didn't understand the miscarriage. Well, right now I should be getting the packet in the mail today, and I'll look over that. Right now I have to type up my mom's homework, that
  3. Thank you for replying, I needed that. But I do know it is the right choice. I spent all day looking around on the internet at adoption agencies and Abrazo seems like the best one. I have to get the imformation packet and go from there. But I'm pretty much here to stay. But to make this short and sweet, because I have alot of things to finish up before nighttime. I'm from the D/FW area, Hurst (HEB) to be more specific. hate it but it's home. Thanxs! Lori
  4. well, lets start off. I'm pregnet I just found out this past friday night. The father and I just broke up a month ago and he don't know about it. infact he's in jail right now. but He won't agree with this and I think I should tell him. but I guess I"m here because I can't afford to raise this kid and I just need a "it's o.k." or something to make me feel better about this whole thing. I had a miscarriage back nov 23, 2003 And I"m here 1 1/2 months pregnet only on my own, and wanting so much to keep the kid and watching a movie or seeing someone with a newborn makes me want to cry becau
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