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  1. Mari, just wanted to let you know that the dessert Lauranda brought on Wednesday was a HUGE hit! Everyone loved it and asked who made it/brought it! So if Lauranda didn't tell her dad that, please pass along the message.
  2. That's funny! I wonder if the color of the name of the thread can be changed to PINK as well?!?
  3. Congratulations to this new formed family and ALL of the families that became forever families in 2011! Here's to many more in 2012!!
  4. © © Abrazo

  5. Congratulations to Garrett and Ann who had the greatest patience of all. The picture is now in the gallery. I couldn't seem to locate my camera cord yesterday! Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!
  6. YAY,YAY, YAY! Congratulations to all! I'm thrilled.
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