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  1. Hi everybody, first of all the good news... I'M IN DC =) Yeap! I'll be spending some months...well actually 6 months with Mikey =) I arrived on Aug 30 and will stay 'till Feb 09, Mikey's 1st year b'day!!! OK, so here's the update: Mikey has now 3 teeth, two in the bottom and 1 in the top.... there's actually a 2nd one in the top that's coming soon!!! He's as cute as ever, he now gives kisses and smiles a lot, as always =) Can you guys believe it...he actually remembers me!!! These week has certainly been the toughest one for Fabi... her first week at work. Good news is that Mikey h
  2. Laural, Heather Thanks so much for your comments. I really miss Mikey so much!!! we became very close and he's so much fun as well as fascinating!!!
  3. THINGS MIKEY DOES: - “sings” the songs with us (he loves "El Raton Vaquero") - grabs his bottle & pacifier - plays pica boo - plays with his book - pats the bunny, put his ring through the ring - grabs his towel and your shirt - looks at the mirror and smiles at himself - plays with his phone and actually “answers” (I would say Elmo – from his diaper – was calling, and he would actually do baby sounds if I put the phone close to his ear!) - opens and closed his hand (I would show my hand open and he would mimic) - opens his mouth and say “Ah” (again mimic what I was doing
  4. LIZA


    Congrats Nicolas!!! I can't wait to celebrate Mikey's baptism, it will be here in Mexico with all his family - Rodriguez and Ciampoli. It's going to be a real big event! Congrats Nicole!!! I am sure your godparents will spoil and love you a lot!!! We are also considering the option of celebrating Mikey's baptism and 1st year, specially because the finalization would take a while and until then, Mikey can not travel to Mexico. So we thought to make the celebration even bigger!
  5. Hi everybody!!! I am so sorry I have been so disconnected, but I've got a good excuse.... MIKEY!!!!! One of the most exciting days in my life was April 12th 2008, the day started soooo early, had to take a plane from Mex 2 DC. I just couldn't wait to get there and have Mikey in my arms and give him the first godmother's kiss! All my friends in Mex have been so excited about the baby, my two best friends Pao & Yeimi took me to the airport 5:30 am. Finally I board at 6:30 and take off at 7:00, transfer in Atlanta, and after 7 hrs of flight and waiting, finally I’m in DC 2 o’clock local
  6. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Michael is a real blessing =)

  7. Congratulations, Liza, on that beautiful new godson of yours! Wishing both of you every blessing along the way as life unfolds from here on out!

  8. LIZA


    Hi all!!! Just a quick note to wish you a Merry Xmas and the best for 2008 =) Hugs & Kisses
  9. Hi Polly!!! to upload the photo you should first store it as .bmp to make it smaller, then go to My Controls and then in the left hand look for Change my Personal Photo and you should be able to upload =) Hope you had a great Xmas and looking forward to have the bodoque in 2008. Hugs & Kisses

  10. LIZA


    Hi all thank you so much on the warm welcome. I am also looking forward to be a godmother. And please, if you are planning a trip to Mexico don't hesitate to contact me I would gladly show you around!
  11. Hi all, My name is Liza, I live in Mexico City and am about to become the godmother of an angel. It all started some time ago when Fabi and Paul (aunt and uncle) told me about their decision of adopting. I totally supported them since the beginning of this journey. Then, I won't forget that morning, Fabi sent me an e-mail honoring me to be the godmother. It was a great day for me Fabi has always been my older sister; we grew up together in Mexico. She took me to my first rock concert; she taught me how to write essays, she has always supported me and further more she has been my exam
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