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  1. Thank you, it has been simply an amzing journey!
  2. So Glad to hear about the release. Praying for your bp's and you both for some sleep.
  3. It was. They loved seeing the boys and we were so glad to see them.
  4. We are Using Skype tonight for the first time with the boys first grand parents. So excited for them to see them for the first time since placement a week ago!
  5. Shawn and Jennifer, so awesome to meet you yesterday! We are very happy for your family!
  6. Cindy and Andy, we are so happy for you!!! God Bless you new family and courageous birth mother!
  7. Had an awesome weekend! Thank you great group and Abrazo ladies!

  8. Looking forward to great things ahead

  9. are no longer missing in action

  10. Congrats! Thanksgiving will never be the same for you all. Josh, Kara, and Julia
  11. Congratulations Baby Jack! You have a wonder family as you will grow and see!
  12. Mark, Laurie, and Bailey, Congrats !!! Two girls...watch out Mark the boys will be after those cuties before you know it.
  13. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Merritt is found!!!!!!
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