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  1. Congratulations on this precious blessing!
  2. Congratulations James and Christy on your precious blessing!
  3. I just saw the gallery picture of the newest expanded 1st-n-10 family - the smiles on your faces, Charu and Darshan, are just wonderful to see!
  4. Congratulations to another Forever Family! Welcome to the world baby Joseph!
  5. Wonderful news! Welcome to the world Alejandro and congratulations to all of the people who love you so! Patty and Todd, I am sure you are enjoying these very special days!
  6. Wonderful to see another fulfilled dream this week - congratulations on the arrival of Christo!
  7. Congratulations on the arrival of Baby Thomas and peace to all who love him!
  8. Congratulations on this new Abrazo blessing!
  9. Just heard about a cute fundraising idea! An adopting family purchased a custom puzzle of their pre-adoption family. They sold the pieces to friends for $10 each. The friends' names were written on the back of the pieces. When all of the pieces were accounted for, the puzzle was assembled and put into a frame with glass on both sides. That was put into the baby's room so the love could be shared for a long time to come! You might want to modify the idea a little bit, but it's a good starting point.
  10. have decided they are content as a family of three

  11. have decided they are content as a family of three

  12. Congratulations to this newly extended family!
  13. Sending our love for little Victor & Yuli! You are both blessing and blessed, Jim & Laura.
  14. Blessings to Erin, John, and their family of four - plus extensions
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