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  1. i havent beenon this in a long time hi everybody!!!!!

  2. its all up to you on how you wanna do it i love this agency but you really have to think about every thing too like are you sure your up for this? or choosing the rite familie for your baby, my babys with a great family rite now in an open adoption, the best one to thinke about ,cause if your like me and you dont hear nothing about your baby hear the baby talk to the baby youll always have guilt. i dont. we have a good relation ship we keep in touch over the phone and on this forum. if you wanna know more about our relation ship go to members and go to scott n char they have no pic on there pr
  3. I am so happy to have you on the forum so we can talk more often and I share Curan's acheivements with you when they happen. Love you.

  4. Hey, darlin! How wonderful to find you on the Forum; so glad you've joined our online family. Visit lots! Post much! We love hearing what our birthfamilies have to say; you're among friends here, girl!

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