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  1. theimmos

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congratulations on the beautiful addition to your family!
  2. theimmos

    Preparing the Relatives

    Cathy, Glad to hear your news was taken so well. We’ve only told our immediate family and close friends we used as references so far. Our responses ranged from ‘you could do that IVF thing’ to ‘nothing wrong with that’ and everything in between, but no one ever suggested we were planning to adopt an animal. That’s quite funny! Congrats on getting over that hurdle. Jen & Paul
  3. theimmos

    The Welcome Wagon!

    Welcome Robin & Jerry! It'll be nice having someone to wait with! Good luck to you both. Jen & Paul
  4. theimmos

    The Welcome Wagon!

    Thanks Jean! Right now we're just trying our best to be patient.
  5. theimmos

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congratulations!!! Paul & Jen
  6. theimmos

    two-state issues

    Elizabeth, Thanks so much for your reply! Much appreciated! VA also requires FBI clearances with fingerprints so luckily we have that completed. Guessing we'll wait to update our home study if necessary after/around Orientation (Yes, I'm being hopeful here...takes too much energy to worry. ) Jen
  7. theimmos

    two-state issues

    I believe I already know the answer to these, but wanted to double check. We just completed our home study in VA where 3 visits are required. Question 1: Is it correct to assume that we would need to update our home study to include 2 more visits? (We originally were not planning to adopt in TX and therefore were not looking to meet their requirements.) Question 2: VA home studies are good for 1 year and I have read that TX is only valid for 6 months. With that in mind, should we wait to complete the update until closer to time of possible placement? OR…Would we be required to update our home study 6 months after our original VA date in order to satisfy TX requirements anyway? Any thoughts/insight would be appreciated. Thanks! Jen
  8. theimmos

    The Welcome Wagon!

    Thanks so much for all of the warm welcomes! Amy, Thanks for letting us know about the gathering. Not sure if we'll be able to attend or not. We are outside of DC so Williamsburg is a bit of a drive for us. Paul & Jen
  9. theimmos

    The Welcome Wagon!

    Hi, Hopefully we're in the right place since no one has posted here in a while... We just wanted to introduce ourselves. We’re Paul & Jen. Last month we had a private placement come to an abrupt end when our birthmother gave birth at 22 weeks to a stillborn son. While we were convinced that the birthmother we had been matched with was meant to be (lots of coincidental similarities), we now realize that perhaps that placement was meant to get us to fully commit to our adoption plans. We were introduced to Abrazo through family members who used their services to adopt both of their beautiful children. We have spoken with them a lot about our decision and after hearing them rave about the wonderful job that everyone at Abrazo does, we decided that we would pursue adoption through them as well. We submitted our inquiry/initial application a few weeks ago and are anxiously awaiting our next round of paperwork. We look forward to getting to know those of you going through the same journey to parenthood and wish you all the best of luck. Paul & Jen