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  1. This was the BEST news to read upon waking this morning!!! We are rejoicing with you, Bill, Susan, Tasia and Elektra!!! That photo in the gallery is PRICELESS!!
  2. Yea!!!! What wonderful Sabbath news indeed! Many blessings upon first mom and the Givens!
  3. But good grief...there are 3 and we certainly know that one of the 3 is WONDERFUL! What more could she want? Many eMoms don't get even that many options.
  4. We are rejoicing with tears of delight for our beloved stickyback friends, their beautiful new son and his first mama.
  5. Wow! I can't believe it is orientation time again! Well, may you attendees get some sleep, for we stickybacks did NOT get any. And...perhaps some of you will learn why we called ourselves the stickybacks...for I don't think it has been revealed on the forum. Not that we want it known; after all, the truth is never as much fun as the theories. Hmmm, knowing another group is in makes me realize our home study should be done by now
  6. Thanks for your nice comment to me about my avatar! I'm figuring this place out!

  7. I love your salt and pepper hair pic!

  8. Thank you, Susan and Amy, We began exploring Abrazo last year when my husband's best friend and wife began their adoption journey here. Job circumstances caused us to put the submission of our inquiry form on hold because we thought we'd be moving to FL. That was back in Sept. We've lost two house buyers since then and are still in NJ. Angela told us to go ahead and begin the paperwork because we just didn't want to wait any longer. So, I'm about to mail in the application and see if we can be fit into the May 16 orientation weekend, if we are accepted. Our goal is to be moved by t
  9. Hello everyone, My name is Melanie and my husband is Joe. We joined the forum last summer but circumstances prevented us from submitting our application at that time. So, we are just now mailing in our application. We are anxious, excited, nervous, etc. about what God might bring into our lives through adoption. We have wanted to adopt since before even getting married, whether or not we had any biological children. We have been blessed with two boys, close in age (6 and 4) but God has closed the door to any more biological children and we hope to add to our family any covenant blessings t
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