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  1. Kristal, Your post is appreciated! Elizabeth, Your post is definitely worth reading! Cathy
  2. Feel free to send us an e-mail anytime.

  3. I'm sooooo happy for you Guy & Linda! I LOVE your family photo I'm so glad you both made it safely to SA I love your announcement OMG, I'm so happy for you! I'm also thinking of your birthparents during this difficult time. Congratulations Cathy
  4. I was wondering the same thing too, Heather! You'll have to let us all know, Rebecca And, congratulations on your very exciting news Cathy
  5. Elizabeth. . .I'm so sorry for your loss. I agree with you in that daddies are very special. So sorry Cathy
  6. Best wishes to you Brandy. While I can't speak for the Abrazo team, I can tell you in my experience, I've see that their response times can vary depending many other things going on at the agency (Orientations, training, BABIES! being delivered, Intakes, etc....). It is an exciting time and I'm sure you are full of anticipation. My best advice is to be patient as it probably won't be long before you hear something and once on board, it's a wild ride! I wish you all the best on your journey towards growing your family through adoption and hope that it is a good fit between you and Abraz
  7. Julie, I'm thinking of "C," and hoping he will adjust over time. I know "T" was extremely concerned about him when she was carrying your not-so-little ones Cathy
  8. Thinking of you, Rebecca, as you go through your treatments. Unfortunately, we have a lot of teachers going through a similiar thing When Brian's aunt lost her hair due to chemo, she tried a hat a couple of days and then went commando and was more relaxed and happy with her situation Take care of yourself. . . Cathy
  9. I wanted to say Happy Grandparent's Day to all of my wonderful grandparents. She especially wanted to say Happy Grandparent's Day to her Great Grandma Nadine, Great Grandma Donna, Great Grandpa Arthur, Great Grandma LeLila, Grannie Z, Grandpa Ron, Grandma Freda, Grandpa Don, and Grandma Judy XOXO Josie Maye
  10. Congrats to the two newest families. Enjoy every single day as your little ones will grow up before your eyes! Thinking of your birthmothers as well during this difficult time. Cathy
  11. Looks like I got on-line at a good time. Congratulations Jonathan & Julie. Jessika, you definately seem like you're a lot older than 15. While you may only be 15, you are definately very mature for your age and made a very difficult decision. Thinking of you all tonight. Enjoy your time together as a family. Cathy
  12. And, for the Stork! Congratulations, Jeremy & Jessica on your son. Thinking of your birthmother during this time too. Cathy
  13. Congratulations to the newest formed family. Sounds like July is going to be a very busy month for the Abrazo ladies. Again, congratulations to you all. Enjoy every day because your baby will change every single day before your eyes! Cathy
  14. I do the same, Amanda. Many of the people I've talked to since Josie joined our family also agree that Josie's birthmother (MamaJ) made the most selfless decision in her life. They comment that they don't think they could do the same. To be honest, I don't think I could either. Cathy
  15. Welcome to the Forum, Pam and husband (name?) Cathy
  16. I couldn't agree more, Elizabeth. That just brought a BIG smile to my face thinking of all the newly formed families Welcome, Danette & Chris! Believe me, it's worth all of your time completing that application! Get busy Cathy
  17. Thanks, Jan. Ms. Josie is a very good baby. Granny Linda told us she was very happy for us as well as pleased with MamaJ's decision. We have a picture Granny said she would like. I gave a copy to MamaJ, but I'm not sure if she's had a chance to get it to her. I would be more than happy to forward a copy to you if you could get it to her if she doesn't already have it. Cathy P.S. Networking is a great way to make connections--whether it be for a new position or to find your little one. Good luck to all of those considering all of these options.
  18. Brian and I can't thank you, Greg enough for taking the time to have personally talked to MamaJ about her situation and your experience with Abrazo. And, also a very special thank you to Granny Linda (as she told us she would like to be referred to as) for her suggesting MamaJ talk to you Thank you, thank you! Cathy
  19. If it's meant to be, it will be. Cathy
  20. I haven't heard when the next orientation is scheduled, Julie but I know there was one held the first of June 2007. After we attended orientation, I was with you in wishing we had started our homestudy ahead of time. Several people here on the Forum tried to convince me to do that, but I was hesistent and didn't want to jinx anything. In the end it worked out for us with us getting Ms. Josie However; if I had to do it all over again in attending an orientation, I would definately start on the homestudy ahead of time Cathy
  21. Congratulations on receiving your application, Mark! When you get your application completed, we'd love to see another post or two from you We look forward to following your journey! Cathy
  22. I've also been wondering about these children and thinking of them often. Is there an update? Cathy
  23. One of the very reasons we chose Abrazo Shame on that individual for giving Angela such a hard time. No one should give anyone that hard of a time! While I'm sure it was a challenge for Angela to be professional with a caller like that, I'm sure she managed to be so. Cathy
  24. Congratulations to both Jeff & Michelle and Brad & Amy! Enjoy your ICPC time with your birth families. These memories will last a lifetime. Congratulations, again! Cathy
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