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  1. How are you? I was just thinking about you and wondering how your journey is going...

    Hope in MO

  2. The 'comment' feature is new to me so I hope I'm using it right! That is wonderful to hear your family is very supportive. We look forward to following your journey to parenthood :) Any news on orientation yet?

  3. Joel and I are completely numb and shocked with Priscilla's passing today. She was truly a beautiful person and we are very fortunate to have called her our friend. They have been dear friends to us as we've endured the many up and downs of this adoption road. I put my son to bed tonight looking at the origame mobile that Priscilla hand made for him and remembering their visits to see us in San Antonio and also in Houston as we awaited Compact approval. It tears me up inside that their life's journey has ended so tragically for them. Our constant thoughts and prayers have been with them
  4. So much exciting news here! Our sincerest CONGRATS to all of the new families!!! Hope, Joel, Olivia, Mya & Elijah
  5. Me too! It is wonderful to see a great relationship building as well between our girls and "J" and BirthGrandma. Olivia is going to be quite upset when they return to CO on Thursday. She just wants to see them all of the time.
  6. I love all of the 'Hope' references y'all!!! Thank you so so much for all of your warm congrats...you all are just too much and your support has meant so much to me/us on our journey to becoming parents of little Eli and growing our family by more than just 1 little person! I posted our story on the Shooters thread if any of you are interested. Be forewarned, it turned into a long one! Blessings, Hope
  7. Adding our warmest congrats to John and Nina and their 2 little ones. Praying for this special birthmomma and her family. Hope and Joel in MO
  8. I love the video clip of the triplets skiing!

  9. All of our best to Henry and his family! Blessings from MO, Hope, Joel, Olivia & Mya
  10. Welcome Elaina and Skylar! Our very best to you, Jon and Julie, and your birthfamily! Blessings, Hope and Joel in Rolla, MO
  11. Prayers and blessings to this family during this difficult time...
  12. Well said girls! I realize people are afraid for us more than anything else. Our loved ones have struggled with/for us for many years during our family building. I guess we just feel that it has become our duty to raise awareness about the many benefits of open adoption. We so want our children to know ALL of the people who love them dearly and to have every single one of their questions be answered as they grow. As our families and friends see that we are very comfortable with open adoption, they have come a long way in their thinking as well.
  13. Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving to the beautiful and newly created families we see in the gallery! Blessings to you and your wonderful birthfamilies, Hope and Joel in MO
  14. Just how much baby stuff did you have at home and was it all blue!?! Yeah, Eileen and Todd!
  15. What, what, what??? Cannot wait to read more about this Holiday dream come true! Please give us more details Blessings to all in this journey, Hope
  16. I'm fairly certain it does belong here. Although the destination seems to have changed over the weekend with Pamela's travels (see Road Warriors report). Of course, we wished it were us but this little angel is meant for another special family! Hope
  17. For just a moment...all just seems right with the world, doesn't it! Blessings, Hope and Joel
  18. That would be the soon-to-be adoptive daddy! Bless their hearts!
  19. Well said.... Prayers and blessings to all!
  20. Many blessings to these newly formed families! When you all have a minute, give your Forum friends an update.
  21. We see you!!! Still thinking of you all!!!
  22. Yeah, Rickie & Laurie! Congratulations to you and your new little girl. Blessings to this special birthfamily as well.
  23. Thanks for posting the stats...very interesting.
  24. Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!! Can't wait for more details! A big congrats to Walker & Nita! Continued prayers for all... Hope
  25. Thanks so much for the update and our blessings to you all in San Antonio!
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