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  1. We are so happy for Tracey and Denver as they begin their next phase of life. Enjoy your new son as we all pray for his first family. See you in August!! Susan
  2. Bill, Susan and Tasia, congratulations on your new addition and thinking of Elektra's first family.
  3. Little Boys are wonderful. Congratulations.
  4. Thinking of the newly expanded family. Congratulations
  5. So glad to hear Nicholas will be finalized soon. I think back to the first MAMS meeting when I was a new PIW and I held little Nicholas. How he has grown. What a blessing. Susan
  6. Thinking of the newest family. Congratulations.
  7. Not too long ago I had a conversation with a friend about adoption and all the necessary requirements (home study, physicals, references, etc) and reading this article the author’s second point, “Adoptive Parents are Licensed” touches on that. I enjoyed the article, thank you Elizabeth. Susan
  8. Again, congratulations to the newest family and thanks to Abrazo for everything they do.
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