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    Back when the Sausage Smugglers (October 2018) orientation was taking place, one childless Tennessee couple could not have imagined what excitement their summer would entail-- or maybe they could, because the adoptive-mom-to-be took a huge leap in faith by giving up her job this month, to stay home full-time with the baby they didn't have yet. They did have a match, with a beautiful mama who was apprehensive about openness and who declined contact for this reason. But she had a dream for her baby's future, and this couple was part of that dream, so today, they became the proud new parents of a gorgeous baby girl. We wish for each of them joy and peace, and we wish for this little girl the chance to grow up knowing firsthand how very beloved she is by all of them, always.
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    Justin & Carol are a childless couple from Tennessee who cannot wait to become first-time parents through open adoption. If you’d like to get to know them, Abrazo will be delighted to make the introductions! (Seeking an infant of any race and either gender. Paper-ready & waiting since February 2019.)
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