Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle

Nearly twenty-four years ago, she was a single mom in a bad spot.

She had found herself pregnant by a man who was not in a position to be someone’s dad, and having a child already, she was not in a position to provide for two children all by herself.

She had shared the news of her pregnancy with nobody, so when her doctor put her in touch with Abrazo, she was desperate to keep her adoption decision a secret.

She did not choose to select the adoptive family. She did not opt to meet them.

But she never forgot the child she had placed, nor did she try to.

She trusted that he was in good hands, but she remembered him regularly and treasured the photos she had received from his adoptive family, sent through the agency.

She wondered how he was, and when she could, she would reach out to the agency to check in.

Yet she never shared the news with her family, and she never gave up hope that one day, somehow, they might be reunited.

As the years went by, she lost touch with Abrazo, although she was always remembered here.

coming-full-circleHer son grew strong and tall, and is by all accounts the sort of young man that every mother can be proud of.

He has grown up happy and healthy. He’s in college now, and working as well.

And yet, he longs to know the woman who gave him life.

Last year, he reached out to the director of the adoption agency, wanting to learn more about his birthmother and hoping to reconnect.

Together, they searched online for some sign of her, but came up only with possible relatives, and not knowing whether she had ever disclosed her secret to them, they agreed to wait and hope that she might make contact.

Then– out of the blue– she finally called the adoption agency again.

More than two decades had passed since she and Abrazo’s director had spoken last, but it felt like just yesterday.

They talked. They laughed. And when Abrazo’s director assured the birthmother that her birthson has been eagerly waiting to hear from her, she cried.

She gave Abrazo her permission to give her son her contact information.

And when Abrazo contacted him to ascertain if he still felt ready to be in touch, his response was this, word for word: “omg, yes!!!”

So today is the day, when the plans put in place nearly 24 years ago come full circle.

Today is, truly, the first day of the rest of their lives.

There will be challenges, undoubtedly, as they negotiate this new relationship, yet we know that every endeavor worth undertaking is worth the effort it requires to make it work.

And we know the adoptive parents join their son in celebrating this reconnection, for they too have missed the birthmother over these many years.

We are grateful for the trust that everyone involved has placed in Abrazo, and we wish them every blessing going forward, as we celebrate this adoption come full circle.

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