Rise Again

Rise Again

Anyone who has ever been through infertility, an unplanned pregnancy, a pregnancy loss, an adoption or a failed adoption plan can attest to the miracle of being able to rise again.

As millions of Christians worldwide this week herald the Good News of Christ’s resurrection, Abrazo extends heartfelt spring greetings to our friends and families of all faiths: those who celebrate Easter, those who are remembering Passover, and those who simply are reveling in the coming of spring.

Because any time a living being overcomes the hardships of the cross or persecution or winter to rise again, that is something that is truly worth celebrating.

Any sacrifice made out of love for another is something truly worth celebrating.

(As is anybody who makes such a life-changing sacrifice.)


We were reminded of the sacrifices that loving parents make for their children just this week, as a mature couple in north Texas faced down one of the hardest decisions any parent ever has to make– just to give their newborn daughter every best chance in life– even when their own lives have forced them to contend with circumstances that have been anything but the very best, through no fault of their own.

To place one’s child for adoption, and to participate fully in that process: choosing your child’s new parents, being fully present for the birth, cuddling that precious baby in the hospital and enduring the bittersweet joy and sorrow of seeing your child in the arms of another whom you have come to love even as you wish you were in their shoes and not your own– that is a sacrifice of enormous proportion.

rise-againTo the birthparents of that very-much loved little girl, who are enduring great grief in order to grant her great joys in life, we say: rise again! There are brighter days ahead, and you can get there from here.

To those birthparents who feel their children’s adoptions were somehow a mistake, as well as those who have felt beaten down by life (or society) ever since their children’s adoption, we say: rise again! Don’t let where you have been limit where you are going.

To all birthparents who have suffered great loss and lived to tell about it, we say: rise again! You have important lessons to teach the world, and more and more are ready to hear them.

Adoptive Parents

The couple who were fortunate to become first-time parents here this week have already expressed their gratitude for this amazing change in their lives and for all who have supported them through it. Yet their road to parenthood, however short their time with Abrazo has been, has been marked by loss and challenge, as well. Now, they are a mother and father at long last, and learning what it means to fulfill those roles, even on very little sleep– this, too, is a start of a sacrifice of considerable proportion. To them, we say: rise again! (Then sleep when the baby sleeps.)

To those who are suffering from infertility and have lost any hope of building a family, as well as those who are still hoping to become parents through adoption, we say: rise again. The world is full of children in need and have more opportunities to share your love than you may even know.

To those who are parenting and know what an “easy job” it isn’t, to those who have sacrificed mightily on behalf of their families, and to those who struggle with feeling they’re really entitled to the children that are theirs, we say: rise again. Keep doing what you’re doing, and know that even if all you do isn’t truly recognized as often as it ought to be, your efforts do matter, and so do you.


Finally, we are reminded of those at the center of all we do here: the adoptees, some of whom are children and others of whom are grown. They did not ask to be adopted, nor were they given a say in the matter, yet they are expected to appreciate all that has been done for them (or keep quiet if they don’t.) It’s hard to be a kid, and it’s even harder to be an adopted kid, and sometimes, it’s hard for adoptees to know exactly where they belong in life (no matter how much everybody loves them.)

To them, we say: rise again and go forth and conquer, because you (and your thoughts and feelings and dreams) are the apex– the center of it all, whether or not you know it (yet.)

No parents, no families, no adoption agencies are perfect. Yet you, dear adoptee, are of the utmost importance to us all. We all want you to achieve every happiness in life, to become everything you wish to be, and to exceed all our expectations for ourselves, because in you, we hear the promise of every hope of every living cell that whispers: rise, again!

This Easter, we wish everyone in our community every blessing of spring. Our prayer for you is that this season of renewal restores your faith, and that you find in it every good reason to blossom, and rise again.

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