Prayers for a Baby

Prayers for a Baby

Here at Abrazo, we are lifting prayers for a baby, and we hope you’ll join us.

As his mother had cautioned us, the baby boy she birthed unexpectedly this week has a broken heart.

After getting a devastating prenatal diagnosis, she had concluded he “was not meant to be,” and she’d originally sought a late-term abortion.

Her hope was to spare him the pain of a life filled with hardship, hard as that decision was for her, being a loving parent already.

However, in Texas, abortions after 20 weeks are hard to find– and even harder to pay for. She couldn’t come up with a feasible plan, so she elected to continue the pregnancy and plan for adoption, instead.

The baby’s father knew of the pregnancy, but has had no involvement since the couple parted ways.

The baby’s mother is raising another young child on a fast food worker’s salary, thus parenting another child (especially with special needs) at this point in her life is not an option, she says.

She has no living parents, and no family members in a position to help.

She learned of Abrazo through an online search, and for weeks, we have been seeking a special needs family for the baby boy she was expecting next month.

However, he was born early, with complex congenital heart defects, and is expected to undergo several surgeries which will require him to be in the hospital for at least the first half year of his life.

The hospital is applying to get him his own Medicaid coverage, to offset the medical bills that are already accruing daily.

He may qualify for additional assistance, such as SSI and nonrecurrent adoption subidies, as well.

Special Needs Adoptions

prayers-for-a-babyBut what he needs most is a loving family who can be there for him, to nurture him and love on him and be his everything… and despite the overwhelming numbers of couples seeking to adopt in the US these days, adoptive families for medically-fragile infants are hard to come by. (Note: stock photo.)

It’s easy to understand why, of course. Most adopting couples have endured great disappointments, hardship and personal tragedy in the course of infertility treatments and the fears that come with adopting a child with a complicated diagnosis seem too daunting a prospect.

Yet if adoption in its purest form is about providing homes for children who need them most, and if we truly believe in advocating for women who choose life instead of choosing abortion, then surely this tiny boy deserves to have an adoptive family to call his own?

As an adoption agency, Abrazo has long had a reputation for being the “patron saint of hopeless cases” and has always taken on the kind of cases that other agencies quickly refer elsewhere.

Over the past two decades, Abrazo (through the grace of God and the kindness of our supporters) has been able to place babies with Down Syndrome, and babies who were HIV positive. We have placed infants with catastrophic brain injuries and heart defects and cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

We have also sometimes helped parents who had intended to place instead find the courage and resources to parent, themselves.

Not everyone is qualified to become a special needs family; we know this. Yet by the same token, not everyone who thinks all they’re prepared to love is a healthy newborn is truly as limited as they think they are?

How You Can Help

If you know of a homestudied family who is prepared for special needs adoption and open to a hypoglycemic Anglo-Caucasian male newborn with complex CHD, HLHS and abdominal situs inversus, please have them forward their current homestudy to for consideration.

There are big decisions to be made for this little baby boy– some of which cannot be made until or unless somebody steps forward and agrees to be his parent(s).

Until then, he doesn’t even have a name to call his own.

Please keep this baby boy without a name in your prayers. Pray for him, for his birthparents, and for his medical team. Pray for the adoption agency that is trying to find him a loving home.

Please pray for whomever it is that is meant to be his family. They’re out there, somewhere.

And hopefully, as they are saying their prayers for a baby, they will be led to this child, who truly needs them just as much as they need him.

25 Responses to “Prayers for a Baby”

  1. Kathy Friend says:

    Praying for this baby boy,his future parents and for Abrazo!!

  2. Ashlyn Dickson says:

    My name is Ashlyn Dickson and I am a mother of three girls, a high school English teacher, and a military spouse. I saw this post on Facebook, and I was moved to reach out. Our family has not been pre-screened for adoption, but I want to help this sweet baby. Please tell me what I can do? Would I be able to come to the hospital and just hold him and give him attention? If there is anything I can do please let me know.

    Thank you,
    Ashlyn Dickson

  3. Abrazo says:

    Thank you so much for your concern for this sweet boy, Ashley. There may come a time when we will seek volunteers to visit the baby at the hospital, if the medical staff feels it is beneficial, but anyone who would be willing to do so would need to have undergone background checks and TB testing in advance. For the present, it seems that prayers for this little guy and his birthmom are what is most needed?

  4. Irina says:

    Praying for this little boy?. His story moved me… where’s he located and what is the process for somebody with no active homestydy in process at this time? I’m from a medical field myself… mother of a 16months old….

    Thank you for everything you do.

    – irina

  5. Abrazo says:

    We appreciate your concern, Irina. The baby is hospitalized here in Texas and anyone wishing to be considered for placement of this or any other child in Abrazo’s care would need to undergo a homestudy and background checks and submit the AP inquiry form (which can be downloaded from the Abrazo site), followed by a full application. Best regards!

  6. Hanna says:

    I have a 2 year old son with HLHS, he has been through 3 open heart surgeries and several procedures. I will be praying hard for this sweet boy. Is the agency open for foster care or strictly adoption?

  7. Abrazo says:

    Abrazo does strictly open adoptions, but thank you for keeping this baby and his mother in your prayers, Hanna. We wish your son and you all the best, as well.

  8. Jessica Hargis says:

    After our twins adoption and our daughter’s two open heart surgeries with 59 days in the hospital after a long stay in NICU, I have a following on my Facebook of hopeful adoptive parents. Can I ask the fees involved for this precious angel?

  9. Melissa says:

    I’ve forwarded this on to our FAD worker to send in our home study

  10. Melissa says:

    We are with CPS and have a home study through them for adoption

  11. Angela Pruitt says:

    My husband and I are licensed foster to adopt parents and live in Dallas. Would love to learn more about this little guy. We would love to love and nurture him.

  12. Abrazo says:

    The baby is no longer available for adoption, but if you wish to be considered for other opportunities within our agency, please download the “AP Inquiry” preapplication form from our website and complete and submit it. We’d love to help you!

  13. Abrazo says:

    There are so many children within the CPS system who are in desperate need of loving homes! Thank you for opening your heart and homes to the children who surely need you most.

  14. Abrazo says:

    You can find Abrazo’s fee information on the website under the heading by that name. Abrazo is always in need of great homes for great kids!

  15. Abrazo says:

    We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all who have expressed interest in and concern for this precious boy. His mother had hoped to sign over her rights once a qualified adoptive family was safely in place. However, after consulting with the baby’s medical team, she has come to a very different decision for his future, and as heartbreaking as it is, we wish her and her son peace and comfort.

  16. Ann says:

    God bless this family.

    If you are able, could you share this FB page with this mother? It is for parents who have chosen comfort care for these most fragile babies.

  17. Kelly says:

    I am a heart mom. PRAYING for this situation.

  18. Abrazo says:

    Absolutely! Many thanks– we have passed along this FB page and we know she will appreciate your kindness in sharing it with her.

  19. Abrazo says:

    We know you know how deeply this impacts everyone involved… thank you for your prayers for all.

  20. Alyse young says:

    I have hlhs and I’m 26 years old. I would like to reach out to the birth mother and share my story!

  21. Abrazo says:

    Thank you. Confidentiality standards do not permit us to share her contact info but if you wish to post your story in the comments, we’ll forward a link to her, in case she wishes to read it?

  22. Rachle says:

    We are a military family that has adopted in the past. If this boy is still up for adoption please let us know. We wilould be willing to adopt

  23. Abrazo says:

    The baby is no longer being adopted but we appreciate your interest.

  24. Jamie says:

    Thank-you for sharing this child’s story. It really opens our eyes to know that this is an ongoing situation with many families, as they receive news of a critical diagnosis such as CHD. There have been hundreds of people sharing this child’s story in the heart community trying to find someme to adopt this child. Although the mother has changed her mind regarding the adoption, it is my prayer that she truly has been educated on the amazing outcomes regarding HLHS and that she doesn’t have to walk this path alone.
    If your agency ever comes across this situation again, please understand and encourage families that there are MANY people that have walked this path and are willing to be involved in the care and treatment of these critical babies. Please reach out to organizations such as Mended Little Hearts and the Whole Hearts Foundation to possibly find a forever family of these unwanted children.

  25. Abrazo says:

    We are very grateful for all the prayers that have been lifted on this child’s behalf, for all the concern raised for his mother, for all the prospective adoptive families who have inquired and for all who have taken an interest in the work Abrazo does. Our agency periodically gets referrals of infants with a wide variety of issues (for example, we are also currently seeking possible families for a coming infant expected to have CF) so it means a lot to know there are compassionate organizations out there who may be able to help offer assistance. Thank you!

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