Here’s to you, Dad(s)!

Here’s to you, Dad(s)!

Here’s to you, dads! As Father’s Day draws near, we are mindful of all the fine men of Abrazo’s community who make fatherhood look so good, in all its forms.

We think of brave birthfathers like Bryan and Timo and Joe and Mike and Shawn and Walker and Derek and Josh and James and Dante and Alex and others, guys who surely never foresaw themselves “being the kind of men” whose kids would ever need adopting, yet who honored their girlfriend’s wish to choose adoption for their baby and who stepped up to be fully involved in the process. These men have added so much to the lives of their placed child/ren and their families, and they are all to be commended.

We think of new adoptive dads like Glen and Rene and Matthew and Daniel and Robert and Chad and Steven and Justin and Andy, men who have seen their lives change dramatically in just a matter of months and who have risen to the challenge with courage and grace. They have supported not just their wives and children but their children’s birthfamilies, too, and we are so proud of each of them.

heres-to-you-dadWe think of our fathers-in-waiting, like Neil and William and Jason and Chad and David and Bert and Clint and Miguel and Eric and Patrick and Scott and Dean. We know how eager they are to experience the joys of fatherhood and we pray that by this time next year, each of them will be proud parents of new sons and daughters who will surely be fortunate to call them “daddy.”

We think of beloved grandfathers and birthgranddads within the Abrazo community, gentlemen like Bruce and Rich and Bobby and Dick and Dan and Roger and Steve and others. They have loved on their kids and ours, over the years, and set a fine example for all others to follow.

We think of the multitude of fantastic Abrazodads we have been blessed to know over the past 23 years, far too many to mention individually, and the countless ways that they have sacrificed on behalf of our homes and enriched our community.

And we think, too, of some other special fathers who have contributed in some way over the years to the work we do here at Abrazo, like Clint and Bob and Paul and Fred and Calvin and Steven and Willie, and we give thanks for each of them, as well.

In a nation that too often focuses on deadbeat dads, there just isn’t enough that’s said about the good fathers who man up and make the world a better place– and we feel very blessed to have known so many of them.

At Abrazo, our fathers have been clergymen, farmers, sports stars, musicians, journalists, engineers, doctors, artists, businessmen, teachers, firemen, soldiers, ranchers, law enforcement officers, attorneys, truckers, scientists, software developers, writers, piano tuners, plumbers, WWF wrestlers, news anchors and weathermen, bartenders, actors, bankers, CEOs, realtors, inventors, and yes, stay-at-home dads, as well.

They come from all different walks of life, different backgrounds and different faiths. They have different skills and gifts and challenges in life. They have varying incomes and accomplishments and a vast assortment of life experiences.

Yet what they all have in common, surely, is that they could not have guessed that life would lead them to Abrazo and to adoption– but when it did, they embraced this cause and made it their own.

And their children, whether placed or adopted, are truly blessed to be able to call each of them “…father.”

Happy Father’s Day to all the fine men of the Abrazo Nation. Here’s to you, Dad(s)!

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