Give to Abrazo

Give to Abrazo

When you give to Abrazo, your contribution goes farther and matters more.

give-to-AbrazoThat’s because Abrazo is a nonprofit social service agency that (unlike big United Way organizations) does not operate on a huge budget. Nobody on Abrazo’s staff has ever earned a six figure salary. Abrazo doesn’t have a $3.5 million dollar endowment (unlike one well-known, well-funded adoption agency in Fort Worth.) But here is what Abrazo does have: heart and soul. (In abundance.)

And that’s why the people of our community and the gifts they give make a bigger difference here.

What Our Donors Have Done

When one of Abrazo’s babies died of SIDS at the beginning of this year, that child’s birthmother lacked the means to travel out of state for the funeral, and she didn’t have anything suitable to wear to it, either, Because of the donors who support Abrazo’s Angel Account, our agency was able to help her and her family get to the funeral (and to feel appropriately-dressed for it, as well.)

Ally was a birthmother who placed elsewhere, through a private adoption. This year, she learned that her son’s adoptive dad had abused both his children, causing law enforcement to get involved and precipitating an ugly divorce. Ally was devastated. She felt guilty for choosing the adoptive family that she did, and she did not know where to turn for support, or how to break the news to her family. By chance, she happened upon Abrazo online, and because of the donors who support Abrazo’s Angel Account, our agency had the means to provide Ally with late-night access to a professional therapist who was able to help her in her moment of need.

One Abrazo family was struggling with issues related to their adoption of older children. Their insurance didn’t provide the needed coverage that would afford them the help they needed. Because of Abrazo’s donors who support the Angel Account, our agency was able to get them professional care.

Each year, because of the donors who support Abrazo’s birthmother scholarship fund, we have the capacity to help three birthmothers who have placed children for adoption attend college or trade school, through our scholarship program, which is handled through the San Antonio Area Foundation. We have another scholarship program pending, which will likewise provide an annual scholarship for an Abrazo adoptee and for the birthsibling of an Abrazo adoptee; again, all because of the donors who support Abrazo’s charitable giving programs.

When a series of hurricanes hit Abrazofolks in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico this fall, Abrazo’s adoptive families and birthfamilies alike were impacted by the devastation. We launched an appeal on Facebook, and because of the generosity of our supporters, our agency was able to provide gift cards to help multiple families begin to gradually rebuild their homes and their lives.

The birthgrandmother of an Abrazo adoptee learned this year of our desire to create a special charm bracelet to honor our adoptive mothers and birthmothers, and being a jewelry designer, she donated her time to create lovely sets, and because of the donors who support the Angel Account, the costs of the needed materials were covered, as well.

A local mother of five was in a desperate place this summer. She’d just had surgery, and there was no food in the house. She feared that Child Protective Services might take her hungry kids away. She wasn’t wanting to consider adoption, but she desperately needed help. Because of the donors who support Abrazo’s Angel Account, our agency was able to deliver groceries to Mary and her family, thus enabling her to feed her children and to keep her family together.

After a small film production took a big chance to promote the story of an African businessman who adopted hundreds of destitute children in his country, the folks behind the movie “Mully” found themselves challenged with how to meet Charles Mully’s request that his story be used to help facilitate the adoptions of American children, as well. Abrazo got a call from his American press agent, and because of the goodness of the Abrazo community, our agency was able to find volunteers to donate their time to help promote Mully’s mission here in America as well as his work in Africa.

How You Can Help

This is just a small sampling of some of the extra lengths to which Abrazo has been able to go to help those in need, just this year, thanks to those who give to Abrazo.

This Giving Tuesday, we know there is no shortage of worthy causes and organizations in need of your support.

Yet if you want to contribute in a way that will enable your gift to make a very real difference in the lives of children, parents and families who have been touched by adoption, please: give to Abrazo.

After all, when you give to Abrazo, you help change the world in the biggest of little ways.

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