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  1. Baby Announcements 2017

    We love, love, love this story and this family.
  2. Baby Announcements 2017

    Congratulations. Welcome and many blessings to all the parents.
  3. Baby Announcements 2017

    Congrats! God's timing is perfect! Welcome baby Sophia!
  4. Baby Announcements 2017

    This is fantastic news. Congratulations.
  5. Baby Announcements 2017

    Congratulations. We pray you have as wonderful of a love story as ours. Blessings to the new family.
  6. Baby Announcements 2017

    Congratulations to the newest family. Sounds like an awesome story.
  7. In Memoriam

    Please know there are a lot of people in Macon, Georgia and other surrounding states who are mourning with you and for you. Many are holding you up in prayer, as we are. You are not far from our thoughts.
  8. Baby Announcements 2016

    Welcome to the world. God bless this family, this baby and this mom. Hugs to all.
  9. Baby Announcements 2016

    Merry Christmas and Congratulations to this new family. God bless this mom during this season.
  10. Baby Announcements 2016

    Congratulations. This is awesome news. Can't wait to see pictures and hear more. God Bless this baby boy, his birth mom and new parents.
  11. Baby Announcements 2016

    This is yet another way God has shown Himself faithful. God bless the birth family and the adoptive family.
  12. Baby Announcements 2016

    Congratulations to the new family. Welcome to wonderful, sleepless nights.
  13. Baby Announcements 2016

    Thank you. We fell in love at first sight. We thank God. We thank Abrazo and we thank our birth parents. We are beyond blessed.
  14. Creating A Profile

    We got great guidance at the orientation. We can tell you to not use old picture from Facebook, because they reduce the quality of the picture and it will not print well. Also don't use Collage Factory, it degraded the quality of our pictures. Scott put our profile together with his art program. You don't need to spend a whole lot of money putting it together. We can assure that the ladies at Abrazo will review your profile and tell you what needs to be changed. They know their stuff, so trust their assessments.
  15. October 2016 Orientation Weekend

    Plan on staying from Friday until Sunday. If you are from out of state and have not had your fingerprints taken in Texas then if you arrive early enough, you can get them scheduled and handled. We attended orientation a year ago and they had us stay at a particular hotel where we held the orientation. Leah is right, check with Abrazo. They will give you guidance. Welcome. Myra