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  1. In Memoriam

    We were ever so sorry to hear from another Abrazo family that AbrazoDad Joe Gomez had another stroke last week and passed away in Kentucky. Joe was a great dad with a bad heart, who became a single dad after he and his wife divorced. He had a debilitating hemorrhagic stroke in December at the age of 49 and although this former Eagle Scout struggled valiantly to recover, another stroke this month felled him. We lift Joe, his family (including former wife Teena) and their son in our thoughts and prayers. He was a good man, and will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, Joe!

    This talented Texas couple was originally planning to adopt through another agency, but that agency went out of business, so Jeremy & Karen had to start all over again. We're sorry they went through that heartache, but we're glad they're Abrazo's clients now, because we know they're going to be awesome parents! They enjoy music and the arts and their home is filled with light and laughter. If this sounds like the sort of life you want for your child, let Abrazo know and we'll put you in contact with Jeremy & Karen today. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since before February, 2018.)

    This long-and-happily married couple from Minnesota has a big circle of family, neighbors and friends who can't wait to see them adopt! And they can't wait, either, but because of infertility, it's going to take the help of a very special birthparent to make parents of Brad & Jen. If you want to talk with them and learn more about the wonderful life they can offer your child amidst the four seasons, let Abrazo know and we'll be happy to put you in touch. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since February, 2018.)

    Nicholas and Crystal are a fun-loving, down-home TN couple who long to become first time parents through open adoption. If you're looking for the kind of folks you can really become family with, let us help introduce you today! (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since March, 2018.)
  5. What is Open Adoption?

    If you've never seen Abrazo's video channel, here's one of our little videos about open adoption... enjoy! Open Adoption Means "You're Invited!"

    Abrazo's next orientation weekend is coming up in May, and we have a large demand right now for childless couples and for Texans, so if you're either (or both) and you have concluded fertility treatment and you're ready to devote all your efforts to adoption instead, please apply now! Contact Martha at Abrazo (210-342-5683) if you need additional information or have specific questions after reviewing our website.

  8. Baby Announcements 2018

    "So also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you." -- John 16:22 Somehow, after all the darkness and cold of winter, it seems only appropriate to mark the first day of Spring with the placement of a(nother) beautiful baby girl! She was born a month ago, but her proud new parents didn't even know it, at the time. These Abrazo againers had just rejoined our program a month before, after suffering the loss of a daughter to cancer last year, and they surely weren't expecting their nursery to be filled by Easter. But this being the season of resurrection and rebirth, the Good Lord surely heard their prayers, and answered them bigger and better, as only He can. God sent them a child already-born, and ready to join their loving family without delay-- thanks to the courage of a birthmother who put her child's needs even before her own, and even without her own parents' support. We celebrate with (and for) this beloved Abrazo family, and we wish them a long and happy life together as a family of four, once again. Happy Spring-- and a very joyous Easter to all!
  9. Baby Announcements 2018

    Today’s placement was actually foretold by the adoptive mother’s recent dream, yet nothing could possibly have prepared these Happy Endings (2/17) graduates for all the twists and turns in their latest adoption quest. They may undoubtedly have gotten discouraged at times, but they never (ever) gave up hope, and we’re so grateful for the trust they invested in the process, for it ultimately led them to the precious baby girl who became theirs tonight. We wish this newly-expanded family every joy in their life together... blessings, all!

    © Abrazo


    Mitch & Chrissy, from right here in San Antonio, have adopted through Abrazo twice, and they know beyond any doubt that God is ultimately in charge of their family. If you’re looking to place with a doctor and his wife who truly walk in faith, then this is a family that you should know! (Seeking an Anglo or Hispanic baby girl only. Paper-ready and waiting since March 2018.)
  12. Baby Announcements 2018

    Just over nine months ago, an excited and artistic couple who had survived years of infertility and still longed to become parents joined us for our May 2017 orientation weekend, 15 Seconds in Partick, Arkansas. They couldn't have known all the hills and valleys their journey would entail, but they knew in their hearts they were meant to be somebody's mom and dad. So they did all the necessary paperwork and jumped through all the required hoops and entered into a match that sadly was destined to end in disappointment. They could've given up then, of course. But they didn't. (And that has made all the difference.) For just miles and months away was a young couple who would need someone just like them; approachable, caring, open-minded, and longing to parent. The birthcouple would have dearly loved to raise their baby girl themselves, but they knew they were not able to do so. Still, they wanted the best for her. They knew their child's future could best be shaped by an adoptive family, and they realized the best family for their child was this one remarkable couple-- whose adoption journey, ironically, spanned the entire duration of this pregnancy. (They couldn't be happier about that, now.) Today, the placement paperwork is official, and they now share a beautiful baby girl, as a result. We wish our newest forever family every joy in their lives together, and we hope their darling daughter always knows how very loved she is-- by all of them.

  14. Prayer Requests

    Our beloved friend and AbrazoMom Susan M. (wife of Bill and mother of Tasia and Electra) needs our fervent prayers, as does her family, as her ovarian cancer has returned, just about the time that her dear mother passed away. Bill, Susan, Tasia and Electra, please know that the Abrazo community stands behind you and sending our condolences and our healing wishes your way, and we continue to lift each of you in our prayers.