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  1. © Abrazo

  2. If babies only came along at the "right" time, then these birthparents would have been wonderful parents together, but given the timing and the circumstances, they feel it just isn't the right time for them to commit to the lifetime responsibilities of parenthood. So they mentioned their need to make adoption plans to the kindly hospital social worker, who kindly referred them to Abrazo, and we are so grateful that she did, because we think the world of this couple, already. They are making the most painful choice any parents can, in order to give their newborn son the best they can. And they have chosen a couple from our Candy Cornholes orientation of October 2016 whom they feel they can trust to be "forever family" with them... forever. We appreciate the enormous faith they are placing in these parents and this agency, and we wish this new forever family a lifetime of joy together. Blessings, all!
  3. William, Wendy and their daughter Apple (and her birthparents) are from Michigan, so you have to know, these are the kind of people that enjoy the four seasons, open adoption and doing all things family! If you want to get to know them better, Abrazo will be happy to put you in touch, so just contact us to get in contact with them. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since February 2017.)

    © Abrazo

  4. Glenn and Dyna and their son Ty (also adopted through Abrazo) are excited to grow their family, and they have their hearts set on a baby girl. If you need a loving home for your daughter and want to learn more about this family, contact Abrazo and we'll gladly put you in touch! (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic baby girl, only. Paper-ready and waiting since October 2016.)

    © Abrazo

  5. She was due very soon, when she first contacted Abrazo, but this conscientious birthmother had already been considering the adoption option for far longer. What she wanted for her baby was rather simple: a loving Texas home, and devoted parents who had no gender preference and who would truly be committed to openness. The family she chose had joined Abrazo's program very recently, being members of our Candy Cornholes orientation of 10/16. Yet these Texans are no strangers to parenting, having a daughter who's ready to be a proud big sister, so they were happy to leap into action, and to welcome this beautiful baby boy into their lives when selected. We wish them every joy as they grow into the forever family they now are. Blessings, all!
  6. © Abrazo

  7. Niels & Sarah are a faithful LDS couple from Idaho, who are parenting one adorable son already. Having done one open adoption already, they know how well it works and they look forward to growing their forever family. If you think you'd like to be the birthparent of their next son or daughter, contact Abrazo and we will gladly put you in touch with them. (Seeking an infant of any race and either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since October, 2016.)

    © Abrazo

  8. Rene & Mari are a loving San Antonio couple who dream of adopting their first child together! They understand that open adoption is about growing their family by adding a baby and birthparents to their lives, and they can't wait to meet you. If you want to get to know more about them, call Abrazo and let us make an introduction. (Seeking a Hispanic or Anglo-Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since December, 2016.)

    © Abrazo

  9. © Abrazo

  10. Sometimes, the road that brings birthparents, babies and adopting families together is a straight highway, while other times it takes more of a meandering trail with unforeseen twists and turns. Yet however they find each other, the end result is a glorious new destination, and so it is for our newest forever family. The birthmother had chosen a family, yet when her baby was born, felt he was intended for another home. The adoptive family had suffered a great loss of their own last year and feeling their family was incomplete, had just had a homestudy done, so weeks ago, they learned of Abrazo from another family who adopted here years ago. We give thanks for the two adoptive families, who helped support this birthmom and who helped refer this adoptive couple to Abrazo, and for the other Abrazomoms who offered to cuddle this baby for us at the NICU while we sought a new home for him. And we thanks God for bringing everyone together for the love of this very special baby boy. Blessings, all!
  11. Dan & Heather are a loving Pennsylvania couple who hope to adopt a baby, with the help of a very special birthmother. To learn more about this electrician and teacher, contact Abrazo and we'll be happy to put you in touch with them! (Seeking to adopt an Anglo and/or Hispanic baby of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since January 2017.)
  12. Neil and Judith, from Wisconsin, have been married for years and they look forward to adding a new son or daughter to their loving home through open adoption. If you'd like to talk with this sweet couple and learn more about them, let Abrazo know. (Seeking an infant of any race and either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since January 2017.)
  13. © Abrazo

  14. Abrazo learned yesterday morning that one of our precious babies who went home with his new parents just 8 weeks ago had passed during the night. Our hearts go out to Chad and Charlene and Charles Henry, the adoptive family of Baby Chase, and also to Joe and Roxanne, Chase's birthparents. Please keep all of them in your prayers as they grieve this enormous loss. Chase was much-loved in his all-too-brief time here on Earth, and the loss of him will be deeply felt by all who adored him, forever.