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  1. Congratulations!!
  2. Congratulations to the newest families! What a blessing for all of you.
  3. Don't know if this is too late but I used Word for our last profile but you could also use power point.
  4. Congratulations Mark and Emma!!
  5. I'd stay in the hotel where the orientation will be (if that is how it's being run this time). But it's worth staying in San Antonio for a day or two extra to get a feel of the place if you can. Both of our children were born in San Antonio so it's good to have a sense of the city. If you've never been, the Riverwalk is a great place to stay because you can walk around and get a sense of the culture of the city. The Pearl District and King Williams District are fun places to walk around. Definitely get some barbeque and some Mexican food. The tortillas in San Antonio are amazing! Welcome to the Abrazo family and feel free to ask any questions here. There's always someone willing to chime in!
  6. prayers for all the new families coming into Abrazo!
  7. I think that you should be fine.
  8. Congratulations and welcome Baby David to the Abrazo Family!
  9. So happy for this news and welcome to the Abrazo family, baby Theodore! You are very loved.
  10. Congratulations!! You're already part of the Abrazo family but now your's is bigger!
  11. Congratulations to the newest family!!
  12. Wonderful news!!! That is great! Mark just had a scan this week and we'll await the results but he's 1.25 years cancer free so far. It is a blessing!
  13. Congratulations to the newest Abrazo family!!
  14. Congratulations to the newest family!!
  15. Susan, sending you lots of prayers and positive energy. My husband finished up six months of chemo last April after he was diagnosed with colon cancer. So far so good with post-testing. But it is a journey I wouldn't wish on anyone. Know you are not alone and you have so much support and love here. Put the blinders on and get through this tunnel of cr@p and know there is light on the other side.