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  1. LeslieR


    Amen and Happy Birthday!
  2. LeslieR

    Prayer Requests

    Prayers for her!
  3. LeslieR

    Baby Announcements 2015

  4. LeslieR

    Anyone Else Waiting to Wait?

    We decided to try again right after Mitchell turned 3. He is now almost 5 and we are still waiting. Be prepared either way because you never know how long or how quick the process can be.
  5. LeslieR

    Positive Adoption Language

    I think I was so caught off guard and I really don't know her very well. I think asking about how what they say might effect Mitchell is a good way of putting it into perspective. Maybe makes me sound a little less female dogy. I don't always correct either but I really felt the need this time.
  6. LeslieR

    Positive Adoption Language

    Yesterday we were at a gathering with some of Philip's extended family and I was very surprised when Philip's cousin said "Mitchell looks so much like you, it is hard to tell that he is not your real son." I quickly stated that he IS my REAL son. After 5 years why is this so hard for some people. I know that it is harder to tell that Mitchell is not biologically related to us than in other blended families. I don't think Mitchell heard or it nor would he understand it yet but someday he will and it might bother him. It made me think of Pinocchio.... look its a "real boy". Anyway, it did bug me especially from someone who should know better and in front of other people we didn't really know.
  7. LeslieR

    A Birth Grandmother's Role

    I try to remind myself of that everyday even when facing other struggles. I am so thankful and blessed!
  8. LeslieR

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Congrats to the newest family of 3. Prayers to you and all involved.
  9. LeslieR

    A Birth Grandmother's Role

    Mari, Your are always so full of wise and kind words. Thankful to have you on the forum.
  10. LeslieR

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Congrats! What a beautiful family!
  11. LeslieR

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Congrats! What a beautiful story!
  12. LeslieR

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Congrats! Sounds like a wonderful start to a beautiful family!
  13. LeslieR

    In Memoriam

    Prayers for his family. He was a very nice person. I remember meeting him at our orientation. I know he was a part of the Abrazo family for many years and will be missed. Thinking of you all too.
  14. LeslieR

    Baby Announcements 2013

  15. LeslieR

    Baby Announcements 2013

    Welcome to the world baby Dylan. May you continue to grow stronger everyday.