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  1. Great info
  2. Martha ..... I had you on my mind today! Come by and see me & Selah
  3. Thanks Leah! 😀
  4. Thank you all so so much! It's been amazing ..... thank you for your support: Susan, Priscilla, Marjory, Hannah, Mari, Jennifer, Nicole, Monica, Tracey, Fran, Sandra, Elicia.... & Abrazo Chix
  5. Thank you ALL....it was my birthday yesterday. It was a great gift & blessing that we've prayed for a very long time.
  6. So happy for you guys! Big Hugs y'all
  7. Welcome to the World Miles Jase! Boys Rock!
  8. She is beautiful, HAPPY BDAY SLONE🎉
  9. This blesses my heart ❤️
  10. Praying for this family right now! We are so sorry for your loss! HUGS!
  11. Wowza! What a blessed surprise! Is this our first 2017 baby 🍼 of the year for Abrazo?
  12. Welcome to the World Cash Carter! Boys Rock!
  13. Welcome to World 🌎 Baby "Mighty" Max! Happy for our group of Candy Cornholes!
  14. Awesome news Mark & Emma
  15. Thank you so much for all your beautiful prayers!! We are beyond blessed!!