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    Just as the Halloween treat buckets from the month in which last fall's orientation occurred are sometimes filled with surprises, so is the adoption process! The couple who left our Candy Cornholes (10/16) orientation dinner early to meet a prospective birthmom didn't end up taking that baby home with them (although another family did.) Yet a fortuitous connection through Abrazo's director's high school classmate led them to match with another mother, and now, as a result, they are the proud parents of another beautiful baby boy. They would never have found this case had things not happened the way they did, so we join them in celebrating this happily-ever-after ending.
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    Some of life's sweetest surprises are also the most unexpected ones, and this definitely describes one beloved Abrazo family's reaction to the news that their fourth child's birthmom was having another baby and wanted to place again. They'd thought their family was complete, until they learned that it wasn't, and we couldn't be happier that they said "yes!" Congratulations to the proud parents of our newest baby boy, his new big brother and beautiful big sisters! Blessings, all...