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    Welcome to the Candy Cornhole crew Miles! Congrats to our newest family!
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    Welcome to the world sweet boy? Prayers for All who love you.
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    Welcome to this world Baby Miles!
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    Congratulations! Welcome Miles!
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    Welcome to the World Miles Jase! Boys Rock!
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    She was due very soon, when she first contacted Abrazo, but this conscientious birthmother had already been considering the adoption option for far longer. What she wanted for her baby was rather simple: a loving Texas home, and devoted parents who had no gender preference and who would truly be committed to openness. The family she chose had joined Abrazo's program very recently, being members of our Candy Cornholes orientation of 10/16. Yet these Texans are no strangers to parenting, having a daughter who's ready to be a proud big sister, so they were happy to leap into action, and to welcome this beautiful baby boy into their lives when selected. We wish them every joy as they grow into the forever family they now are. Blessings, all!
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