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    Six weeks ago, they were just a nervous, excited childless couple attending our February 2017 Happy Endings orientation weekend. They couldn't have known it then, but across Texas, another couple was just as nervous, as they contemplated the future for a baby for which they felt woefully unprepared. Much as they loved the baby and each other, they knew the timing was off, and yet, they wanted all the best in life for their little one. They needed parents who could drop everything to be their child's everything, and they found them in our waiting family from the February wekeend, Their profile was finished, their homestudy is complete, and their nursery is done-- and it's a good thing, because as of today, they are the proud new parents of a beautiful baby girl. Blessings, all... may this placement truly prove to have been a happy ending and a joyous beginning for everyone, and especially this child.
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    Just wanted to bump this topic up for the relatives of all the new folks who are joining us for orientation this weekend! Howdy, y'all!