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    These againers were to have joined us for orientation this month, but when an expectant mother came to Abrazo weeks ago seeking a Texas family for her baby boy, they were ready. And so today, her beautiful baby boy became their second son, and instead of coming to orientation, they’ll join us for Camp Abrazo, instead— as a family of four! Blessings, all!
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    When they first matched with the dear expectant mama who chose this then-childless Tennessee couple from our This Is Me Excited orientation of February, 2018, the due date seemed a long ways off... but several months gave them ample time to truly "become family" with the prospective birthmom and her relatives, which became something truly precious to them all. Because of this, they gathered around the precious baby girl born here this week not as near-strangers, but as family, and that's only fitting, for "family" is what they'll surely be, from here on, too. We wish all of them every joy as their relationship grows, and we thank them for living out their promises to forever raise this child in an environment of love and honesty. Blessings, everyone!
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    Three weeks ago today, they were one if the hopeful couples attending our August 2018 orientation weekend, Bag ‘Em & Tap ‘Em, wondering if and when this process would work for them? Still, for whatever details may not have been in place yet, their hearts were in the right place, already. That was the first thing a newly-delivered mother saw, when she looked over profiles this week, and today, her tiny baby boy has become theirs, as well. We wish them Godspeed as they grow as a family, and we celebrate their beloved new arrival.
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    Sometimes, waiting for a dream to come true can be exhausting. You try to keep your hopes up, but the doubts creep in and the time drags and you begin to wonder whether it’s every really going to happen for you? That’s when lesser souls might lose sight of their dream, but not you. And then, when you least expect it, you get The Call that changes everything. (Forever.) And then, like our This Is Me Excited (2/18) couple who just became proud parents of a baby boy tonight, you know why things had to happen exactly when and why they did. And you’re infinitely grateful for every day you waited that led to where you are at long last. Blessings, all!
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    Abrazo is currently accepting applications from againers! We're blessed to have a bunch of childless couples joining us for orientation this weekend, but hoping to add some returning families looking to adopt again, by the time our August orientation rolls around. If you've been getting that baby itch again, there's no time like the present! Skip the inquiry form, print and submit the application which you can download from our website, and let's get you on your way once more.