Growing Up Adopted


  1. Abrazokidz Clubhouse

    A kids-only fun zone just for Abrazo adoptees under the age of fourteen. No parents allowed--except as needed to take dictation for tiny folks who cannot type, yet!

  2. Kidstuff

    Starring our littlest triad members, the Abrazobabes! Moms and dads, brag here about the cutest things your darlings say and do. Kids, tell the world what you think grownups need to know.

  3. In the Know

    Valuable input from, for and about those who were adopted; about the choices made on their behalf; and the impact of the choices across the lifespan.

  4. Tears, Fears & Keeping The Faith

    Adoption is a road with both scenic views and detours. Failed plans are painful losses, for would-be's and bioparents alike. But take heart! Here's a safe haven for sharing sorrows, exploring risks and finding comfort in times of uncertainty and grief.

  5. Coming Full Circle

    A safe zone for teens and adults who were once adopted. Feel free to launch your own blog, seek out search & reunion info, and find unconditional love and support from others who truly do understand where you're coming from-- and wherever you may be heading.

  6. The Family Room

    For the grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and other beloved relatives of all our adoption participants. A special place for the kinfolk to query, congregate, share and celebrate, as beautiful new family trees are grafted and grown through the miracle of adoption.

  7. Mi Amigos

    Welcome to Alumni Hall, where successful Abrazo orientation grads who joined up, gave it their all and grew their families as a result can keep in touch via their original group; no longer in-waiting, but all parents!!

  8. My Very First Blog

    It may take awhile to fill this forum, because as brilliant as AbrazoKidz are, they may not yet have computer privileges, but for the few that do, this one's for you! Start your blog today and make it your own corner of the Forum forever.