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  2. Baby Announcements 2018

    Welcome to the world sweet babes!!! Prayers for ALL who love you
  3. The Trimesters of Adoption

    Thanks for asking! San Antonio is a bit "light" on adoptive family support groups, but there's a great group out of Austin called Adoption Knowledge Affiliates, which puts on a really good conference every November. Some of Abrazo's families in SA tried to launch a local support group for adoptive parents some time ago but it never really got off the ground.
  4. The Trimesters of Adoption

    Are there local support groups that you guys would recommend? We are very early in the process here but it is never to early to start looking for that support!
  5. Baby Announcements 2018

    Congratulations to all! We're so excited to see new families begin and others expand! So happy for everyone!
  6. Baby Announcements 2018

    So happy for you guys 😀 Boyz Rock!!! Yes, Praise!!😀😀
  7. Baby Announcements 2018

    Congratulations! We are very excited for this couple and can't wait to see pictures of their new son.
  8. Baby Announcements 2018

    Congrats to the newest Louisiana Family!! Hugs and Prayers!
  9. Baby Announcements 2018

    Congratulations! So happy for this family! May they feel the Celebration from their Abrazo Family!
  10. Baby Announcements 2018

    “There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.” ~ Psalms 30:5 We know the entire Abrazo family will join us in celebrating the wonderful news that a Louisiana family near and dear to all our hearts have become the proud parents and big brother of a beautiful newborn boy— thanks to a loving birthmom who made the “right” choice in the end. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow (for this adoption story is truly filled with God’s mercy and grace, from beginning to end!)


    Jonathan & Mona are a Tennessee couple with an Abrazo-born son, Sebastian, and we're happy to welcome them back, because they have kept their open adoption promises and that makes us proud! If you're looking for a family you can truly trust, let us introduce you to the Holt family today. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic baby of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since 11/17.)

    Russell and Simona have been together for ten years while they practice their parenting skills on their cats, so they are more than ready to add a real-live baby and his or her birthparents to their lives. If you like the idea of your child growing up in Pennsylvania with four seasons and you like cats, you're bound to like Russell & Simona, too, so call Abrazo and we'll gladly make the introductions. (Seeking an infant of any race and either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since April 2018.)
  14. BOB & LISA (MO)

    An attorney and a social worker, Bob and Lisa became first-time parents through Abrazo last year, and they proved to be so good at it, we have welcome them back to adopt again. Lisa was adopted herself, and she and Bob have a special place in their hearts for their son's birthmom, so you can count on them to welcome you in their lives with open arms. To get to know Bob & Lisa better, call Abrazo and we'll put you in contact. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since April, 2018.)
  15. CHAD & GAIL (MD)

    Chad & Gail were such a pleasure to work with the first time they adopted through Abrazo, we're delighted to have them back again! This Maryland physician and teacher truly understand the importance of open adoption, and honor their son's birthfamily in their lives, and they even speak Spanish, as well! So if you'd like to learn more about Chad & Gail, Abrazo will be happy to make the introduction, in English or en espanol. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since March, 2018.)
  16. Baby Announcements 2018

    Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of girls.
  17. Baby Announcements 2018

  18. Baby Announcements 2018

  19. Baby Announcements 2018

    Welcome to World Kamilla

  21. Baby Announcements 2018

    A childless couple from the Austin area came to our February 2018 orientation weekend, This Is Me Excited, having no idea how swiftly their lives were about to change. They were, however, ready and willing to jump in with both feet after that weekend, and it was surely a good thing! Because their finished profile got sent in the week an expectant mom came in with a specific wish for a childless Texas couple to raise her baby. Their homestudy was completed just in time for the case assessment to go out, about two weeks ago. And the baby was born ahead of schedule, exactly six weeks after their orientation weekend. Today, these Austinites moved from the ranks of hopeful parents-in-waiting to for-real adopting parents of a beautiful baby girl, thanks to the difficult and conscientious sacrifice of a loving birthcouple. We wish all four of them a beautiful and lasting family relationship, and we hope this precious child always knows how adored she is by each one of them. Blessings, all!
  22. Baby Announcements 2018

    Welcome to the world sweet babes....Prayers for ALL who love you!
  23. What is Open Adoption?

    Lavender Luz has a few thoughts on Does Open Adoption Work?

    Jeff & Kristen are from Missouri, the "show-me state," and they are excited to match with an interested birthfamily so we can show them how truly awesome an open adoption can be! If you're hoping to find a fun, happy couple who were high school sweethearts and can't wait to share their love with your child, call Abrazo and we'll gladly put you in touch. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since March, 2018.)

    Brian & Holly are proud Austinites who are eager to become first-time parents, with the help of a loving birthfamily. If you are looking for a couple are very much in love and who get why open adoption truly matters, let us introduce you to these Texans today. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since March, 2018.)
  26. In Memoriam

    Please keep Nathaniel Gomez in your prayers as he has lost his beloved dad! I can't imagine processing that as a young boy. https://www.whitesfuneralhome.com/tributes/Jose-Gomez
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