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  2. Baby Announcements 2017

    Even the devastation of the recent hurricane could not distract this loving Houston mother from doing what she felt was best for her comng baby. She knew she could rebuild her home and continue to provide for the children already in her care, but she felt the new baby would need a new home with two parents able to provide for his every need. She found the family of her dreams in our Keep It Quiet (Tried Twice in the Morning) orientation class of August, 2017, and today, they gratefully added this precious newborn baby boy and his birthfamily to their forever family circle. Blessings, all!
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  6. Baby Announcements 2017

    Welcome to the world sweet babes! All who love you have So many blessings to be thankful for.....Prayers for each of you little ones and All your families.
  7. A Birth Grandmother's Role

    Wishing each of you a Wonderful Christmas Season! "And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets, are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic, will never find it." Roald Dahl

    Being from Austin, you probably already know this couple is active, fun and ready to be great parents, but for that to happen, Defonza & Karena need the help of a loving birthmother. If you are interested in getting to know more about them and why open adoption is their dream, call Abrazo and let us put you in touch today! (Paper-ready and waiting since November, 2017. Open to an infant of any race and either gender.)
  9. Baby Announcements 2017

    Congrats to the new family! Welcome Abigail!
  10. Baby Announcements 2017

    Welcome to the World Abigail.....it will be a a Merry Christmas! 🎁

  12. Baby Announcements 2017

    It took a trio of angels to help our newest angel find her way to her new parents. One was a prospective birthmother last year who chose not to place, and two were Abrazo birthmothers who didn't know each other. But all three were instrumental in guiding their mutual friend, who was pregnant and unable to parent, to Abrazo. She knew she wanted the kind of life for her coming baby that she herself had never had. She knew she wanted for her child to have adoring, stable and devoted parents who could secure her future as she herself could not. And she found the family of her dreams in one childless couple from our 15 Seconds in Partick, Arkansas orientation group of May 2017. They are adorable. (Check!) And stable. (Check!) And devoted to being family to this precious new daughter of theirs (check!) and to her birthmama (bonus check!) We couldn't be more thankful for this baby girl, for all her parents, and for the three special angels who helped her find her way home for the holidays. Blessings, all!
  13. Baby Announcements 2017

    Welcome to the world! Boyz Rock
  14. Baby Announcements 2017

  15. Baby Announcements 2017

    Congratulations to all the newest families!

  17. Baby Announcements 2017

    Having come through our Keep It Quiet (Tried Twice in the Morning) orientation of 8/17, these newest new parents isn’t have much time to prepare, but fortunately, they came ready. They quickly matched with a beautiful expectant mom who fell in love with them (as they did with her) and as a result, the precious newborn son they now share will surely grow up knowing (and loving) the best of all of them. Blessings, all!
  18. Baby Announcements 2017

    Congratulations to all!
  19. Baby Announcements 2017

  20. Baby Announcements 2017

  21. Baby Announcements 2017

    Baby girls.....so worth the wait. PTL
  22. Baby Announcements 2017

    We love, love, love this story and this family.

  24. Baby Announcements 2017

    Lo que debe ser, siempre encontrará su camino. These againers from our Keep It Quiet: Tried Twice in the Morning orientation group of August, 2017 probably never imagined that they would be the first of their group to return to Texas to take placement just two and a half months later. (After all, the first child they adopted through Abrazo had come to them rather quickly, and you don't expect that kind of good fortune twice.) Plus, they had a specific gender requirement this go-round, and adoptive families can tell you the lecture they get from adoption agencies about how long the wait may be, when they arbitrarily elect to eliminate nearly half their placement possibilities by specifying that they will only accept a child of one certain gender. But they knew in their hearts they really, really wanted a girl this time, and they were willing to wait, and they're really good parents who have been really good about keeping their open adoption promises, so they sent in their profile and their homestudy update and hunkered down for a long, patient wait... ...Only to be chosen very quickly by a mother in her final trimester, who saw in them people she could trust, and the parents she wanted for her baby girl. So this weekend, the baby was born, and today, the paperwork was completed, and for the rest of her life, this tiny daughter they all love so will know she is precious and treasured by all. Blessings, everyone!

  26. Baby Announcements 2017

  27. Baby Announcements 2017

  28. Baby Announcements 2017

    Congratulations to the new parents!
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