Find a Family to Adopt

Find a Family to Adopt

If you want to find a family to adopt your child, by finding Abrazo, you have definitely come to the right place.

Abrazo is blessed to have the very nicest adoptive families of all, we think. (And we’re not just saying that because they’re ours.) We’re saying that because after 23 years of tens of thousands of conversations and meetings with adoptive families, we’ve seen all kinds.

There’s no shortage of people out there who are trying to adopt, after all. (Ever since Russian adoptions got shut down and gay marriage became legal, there seem to be more and more folks trying to adopt than ever before.)

If you’re pregnant and/or placing, you can find prospective adopters online by the thousands, on sites like ParentProfiles and Adoptimist, among others. Adoptive parents pay hundreds of dollars to create cookie-cutter profiles on those sites, whether they’re adopting through licensed adoption agencies or through lawyers who do adoptions on the side or whatever.

Yet these sites that just host adoption profiles for a fee usually don’t really know those adoptive families in real life. That means they’ve never met the people they’re recommending to you.

At Abrazo, we know every single one of our adopting families personally, and we’ve met them and spent a weekend together, even before we put their profile on our website.

Why is choosing an adoptive family at Abrazo safer?

When you review adoption profiles on Abrazo’s website, you know we’ve already gotten their homestudies in (that’s the official report on them and their home, that certifies them as being ready to be great adoptive parents.)

We’ve already run their background checks and gotten their fingerprints done, just to be sure they’re who they say they are. We’ve already investigated their medical histories and made sure any pets in the home are child-friendly and reviewed their marital records and checked out their housekeeping standards.

We know who their priest or pastor or rabbi is. We know their plans for childcare and discipline and education. We know how their families and relatives feel about their plans to adopt, and how the extended family is going to react to the child who joins their family. And we know what their friends and employers say about them.

We know how much they earn and how they spend their money (we even know what they pay in taxes.) We know the dimensions of every room in their home. We know what (and how) they drive. We even know about their infertility diagnoses, and yes, about their sex lives, too.

We know all this (and more) because if you’re going to trust your child’s future to Abrazo, then we want you to know you truly can trust the adoptive family you choose through our agency, as well.

What makes Abrazo families better?

At Abrazo, we truly get the “best of the best,” when it comes to adopting families.

The people who come to Abrazo aren’t coming here because adopting here is easier. find-a-family-to-adopt(It’s not.) At Abrazo, we don’t let adoptive parents cut corners or call all the shots when it comes to open adoption. And we don’t permit them to treat our parents that place as just a means to their ends.

We go to great lengths to make sure that our adopting parents spend ample time learning about who birthparents are and what they go through when they decide on adoption for their children. We teach them about the needs of adoptees, about the not-so-happy parts of adoption (like separation and loss and grief) so they respect the importance of birthparents and adoptees having lifelong connections, and so they’re not threatened by openness, but instead, see it as the asset that it truly can be.

Abrazo’s families don’t just make one trip here to meet us and you and the child they’re adopting and the judge. Unlike other adoption agencies who think “drive-by adoption” is just fine, Abrazo requires its adopting families to come to meet our staff, then to come spend time with the prospective birthparent(s) before placement, then to come for placement (when the child goes home with them,) and then to return again for finalization, half a year later (or more,) when they go to court and also enjoy a reunion with the birthfamily, too, if everyone is in agreement.

The families who adopt through Abrazo voluntarily commit to continuing direct contact with their children’s birthparents in the years that follow the adoption, sharing letters and photos and texts and calls and visits– not because they “have to” at that point, but because they want to. Because you’re family to them (and because Abrazo has taught them how important “forever families” really are.)

The very best of our adoptive families come back in the summertime, too, and bring their children and their children’s birthparent(s) to Camp Abrazo— year after year. (See why we say Abrazo has the very nicest of families?)

If you want to adopt one of Abrazo’s families and support them in their journey towards becoming parents, find a profile of a couple still waiting to be chosen, and keep them (and their future child’s future first parents in your daily prayers.) Forward that Abrazo couple’s profile to your local ob-gyn and to your church and to the local crisis pregnancy clinic, and to anyone you know who’s considering adoption for their baby. (You can even send Abrazo a note of encouragement to be forwarded to them while they’re waiting, or a baby gift after you see they’ve taken placement, if you’d like.)

And if you’re looking to find a family to adopt your baby or child or children and you want nothing but the best, then you can start right nowclick here to find adoptive parents for your little one, then call Abrazo (1-210-342-5683) to get in touch with them today.

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