Elegy for Amanda Hawkins’ girls

Elegy for Amanda Hawkins’ girls

How does one write an elegy for Amanda Hawkins’ girls?
At just one and two, they were like tiny seed pearls.
Their lives lay before them, sweet young innocents…
but one youthful error later, police reports name them “decedents.”

Their mom was a teenager, and their fathers the same.
These girls died of neglect, and their loss is our shame.
Addyson and Brynn both were left in a hot car to cry.
Their mom wanted to party; she didn’t intend them to die.

Amanda had grown up fast. (Too pretty for her own good?)
She was proud of her girls, yet didn’t parent as she should.
From June sixth to the seventh, her kids steeped in their waste;
others knew where they were, too, but no help came in haste.

It wasn’t the first time these girls were left alone.
And evicted in May, the Hawkins clan had no home.
The State had investigated– not once but thrice.
Each time, though, it seems the parents somehow made nice?

Thus each time, files were closed; seems these kids none could save.
(“Why didn’t you try harder?” come soft pleas from their grave.)
Now Amanda’s been jailed, while both fathers walk free.
An angry public wants vengeance; they’d hang this mom from a tree.

But the Lone Star State abounds with families just like theirs.
We’re all quick to judge, but in truth, who really cares
about children in need and these parents on the edge,
when matters like “bathroom bills” consume lawmakers at our Lege?

We want to believe Amanda’s kids didn’t die in vain,
yet the deaths of these angels leave all Texans in pain.
It’s too easy to blame such parents for all they were not,
yet much harder to help them make the changes they ought.

Dear Addyson and Brynn, you are now safe at rest.
Your lives were cut short, but in Heaven, you’ll be blessed.
We won’t soon forget you, and we promise to make tracks
to try to keep other Texas kids from falling through these cracks.

Rest in peace, little ones…

3 Responses to “Elegy for Amanda Hawkins’ girls”

  1. Mindy Broaddus says:

    Bless both of your precious little hearts. I wish I would have known you, I wish I could have seen you in that car, I wish I could have saved you. Please don’t do this your children people. If you want to party, give them up for adoption. If you want to party occasionally get a sitter. Do something. Don’t do this. Children don’t ask to come into this world, but once they are here they are our responsibility. We have to help them. My heart aches for the pain and suffering these angels went through. May your little souls rest in peace.

  2. Robin Baraw says:

    a child is a gift of god to be cherished not taken so early when you have a child everything is not about you anymore god gave you a responsibilty not to be taken lightly children are gods gift to us to take care of if you couldn’t take care of them there is people out there that would have or can….god bless you 2 little angels that never asked for anything but someone to take care of you and love you….god bless

  3. Abrazo says:

    Very true, Robin.

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