Adoption on Facebook

Adoption on Facebook

This is a special little thank you note, to all who follow Abrazo Adoption on Facebook.

Being more focused on social work than social media, Abrazo was a bit late to the party, so to speak.

Until March 7, 2016, our entire social media presence consisted of a single “people page” on Facebook under the name of Abrazo Adoption, which had 1408 friends.

At that point, though, Facebook informed us that any nonprofit organization such as Abrazo had to have a “business page” instead of a people page, and thus our “people page” had to be converted to a personal page bearing our director’s name instead.

We hated to lose that page, with all the convos and photos that had gone on there. But as is so often the case, the “change is gonna do you good“– and so it did.

In the 19 months since then, Abrazo’s number of Facebook followers has grown to nearly 8.2k.

We know there are other social media sites that matter, too; Abrazo now has accounts on Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit, as well.

Yet when it comes to adoption, on Facebook is where our followers seem to make the biggest difference.

Thanks to you…

The vast majority of Abrazo’s Facebook fans, interestingly, are females under the age of 40, and our followers (male and female) are most active on Facebook between 4-9 pm.

Abrazo tries to update its Facebook content daily, and we make a point of trying to post a wide variety of adoption and parenting-related content, to keep things interesting.

Working in adoption, we know the strengths and weaknesses of the process, so we try to be forthright about adoption’s shortcomings as well as its benefits. We unapologetically support the need for adoption reform and we see it as our obligation to educate our community about this, as well– which may strike some as being negative, but the betterment of adoption as an institution is everyone’s duty.

Some of what we post is better received than other things we post, of course. adoption-on-facebookOur baby product hacks post of 9/17/17 garnered only 136 views and 1 like (thanks, Carine!) Thirty of you posted condolences on our 8/24/17 notice of a Abrazo child’s passing; 285 reacted to our posts on September 8, and the adoptive parent profile and baby fever video we shared on July 20 got 366 positive reactions. You do seem to like the videos we produce; our hospital video of 7/14/17 got 56.k views (27k from Facebook), our Mother’s Day video of 5/11/17 got 54.5 views (16k from Facebook) and our birthmom video of 2/27/17 was seen by 43.8k (19K of which came from Facebook.)

Yet your support has way more impact than just feeding our little agency’s ego. Abrazo’s Facebook followers have been instrumental, over the past year, in helping to spread the word about the important (although yet unsuccessful) move to urge the Texas Legislature to pass laws honoring the civil rights of Texas-born adoptees to access their original birth certificates upon reaching adulthood.

And our Facebook followers have raised $2220 just this month, to help those within the Abrazo community who were victims of the recent hurricanes. (If that isn’t a beautiful example of folks “putting their money where their mouth is,” we don’t know what is?)

But perhaps the most important efforts of all have had to do with your assistance in helping to spread the word when we have special children in need of good homes. As of today (9/22/17), sixty-six loving souls have helped to share our blog post entitled “Prayers for a Baby,” about a special needs child for whom Abrazo is seeking a loving home, and as a result, that post has now organically reached 10,376 people, generating interest from several homestudied families, which could definitely make a huge difference in the future of this child and his birthmother.

So to all who have read that post and commented or shared it, thank you, thank you, thank you… from the bottom of our hearts.

How can you help?

And for anyone out there who is reading this and thinking “I’d be willing to do a good deed and help this little agency out, but I don’t know how?” here’s what you can do to help Abrazo, just in the time that you’re on Facebook on any given day of the week:

1) Please “like” the Abrazo Facebook page and suggest it to others by posting a positive (or 5 star) review on our page.

2) Don’t just read our posts or watch our videos– post comments on them and

3) Click “share” under our posts to post them to your own Facebook page.

Because whatever social media platform you prefer, your support does make a difference and we truly do appreciate your feedback, on behalf of the children and parents we serve.

So thank you for advocating for adoption on Facebook, and thank you for being part of Abrazo’s online community.

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