A Sonnet for Sherin

A Sonnet for Sherin


What can possibly be said for a child now gone,

though through no fault of her own?

Punished by her dad in the hours before dawn;

choked to death with milk for an offense unknown?

Sherin was born in India, first abandoned there,

then was adopted and moved to Texas to stay.

She surely deserved all the best of care

yet even loving parents her needs would betray.

At first, they insisted “no harm” did they yield,

though authorities have since charged abuse.

Still, her sad, small corpse found in a nearby field

now leaves the world awash in grief that’s profuse.

Wherever the truth lies: this child now does, too.

Your loss is ours, also, sweet girl. We mourn you.

In memory of Saraswati / Sherin Mathews

Saraswati Sherin Mathews was reportedly a newborn abandoned in the Gaya district of Bihar, India and found in bushes by passersby.

She was placed in the care of a now-defunct orphanage, and a year later, adopted in July 2016 by an Indian couple in Kerala, in a placement said to be supervised by Holt International.

She was a special needs child. In early October, at the age of three, she was reported missing by her adoptive parents in Richardson, Texas.

Her adoptive father, Wesley Mathews, has been charged with injury to a child. No charges have been filed against the adoptive mother.

The couple’s other child remains in the care of Child Protective Services at the present time.

For information about child abuse prevention, please visit American SPCC.

To report suspected child abuse or neglect in the State of Texas, contact 1-800-252-5400, or visit www.childhelp.org.

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